10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

The online landscape is growing at an exponential rate and here our infographic shows 10 digital marketing trends that has seen growth in 2018 and continues to grow.

Digital marketing is killing it in 2018! With the advent of mobile device technology, users essentially carry the internet wherever they go allowing your potential customers instant access to your products or direct instant communication with your business.

Digital fosters intimacy with your customers too becasue you can tailor content for them through emails, remarketing campaigns and other social media outlets.

It’s not all about mobile though. Consumers are watching more online TV, streaming their music and buying more things online than ever before.

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Here is the 10 digital marketing trends for 2018

  1. 78% express a desire to have personalised content
  2. 44% of mobile shoppers make purchases through their smartphones
  3. There is a huge increase in visual storytelling through images and video
  4. Marketers increasingly compete for social media relevance
  5. Online TV viewing frequency has increased 80.6%
  6. 54%. The number of businesses using facebook ads has risen
  7. Consumers spend 50% of their time on mobile devices
  8. Music streaming up 54%
  9. Massive increase in alternative payments
  10. HIgher adoption rate for mobile based payments

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