Frequently Asked Questions For Affiliates

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What commission do you offer your affiliates?

We offer 10% commission across the board on all products for the lifetime of the client.

So if you refer a client who buys a website off us for €2,000 + IVA, you will receive a one time €200 in commission.

If the same client buys a monthly SEO package for €250 + IVA per month, then you will receive €25 a month for the life of the client.

Easy money right?

A lot of other companies will usually only pay you commission on the first sale but we would never would have had the client without you, so we think it’s only fair you receive your share.

We strongly believe in long term relationships, transparency and fairness, so get referring and start earning today! 

How do you pay me my commissions?

You can request your commission ANYTIME!

On the 10th calendar day of each month, if you have any balance in your account over €25, we will send you an email to remind you to cash in your commissions.

You can cash out or accrue the commissions for as long as you like.

Also, when you see a balance in your affiliate summary, drop us an email to and let us know that you want to be paid.

We can pay you in three ways.

  1. Bank Transfer via invoice: if you are a company and prefer to invoice, just raise an invoice to us, we will get it paid.
  2. JUCRA Credit: we can create a credit on your account with us which can be used to redeem against any future services with us.
  3. Gift Vouchers: we will send you an Amazon gift card to the amount of the commission we owe you.
How do I view my affiliate earnings?


Login to the JUCRA billing platform here

In the top menu will be a link called “Affiliates”, click on that to view your affiliate account.