JUCRA Customer Success Story > John Keirstead from Aqua Fun Pool and Spas

by | 23 May, 2021 | Customer Success Stories

“We were able to give our website a facelift and bring it into the modern age, and I’m extremely happy with the outcome.”

Aqua Fun Pool and Spas’ Results

  • Easy collaboration with designers
  • Efficient use of time to enact their vision for a website
  • Minimal revisions
  • A new, attractive, and intuitive website

How JUCRA helped Aqua Fun Pool and Spas set up a new website

  • Professional and experienced web designers
  • Responsive, easy to use websites
  • Designers who listen to exactly what the customer wants
  • Attractive sites that are secure

What challenges did you have before working with JUCRA?

My name’s John Keirstead, and I am the operator of Aqua Fun Pool and Spas. It is one of four stores in our chain.

We are a pool and spa distributor who also does servicing. I bought the company, and when you buy a company, you inherit what they have already.

The rest of our businesses have fairly robust websites, and in fact, I think JUCRA actually runs one of the other ones. This is why JUCRA came to mind. Their work on the other websites was so good.

When I looked at the one for Aqua Fun, it looked like somebody’s kid did it. It seemed very unprofessional, old, and extremely dated. We showed JUCRA the site, and they came back with a proposal that had exactly what I was looking for. 

Have you had any website/hosting/email/marketing nightmares?

In the past, timelines were the hardest to hold a contractor to. The other thing was a big disconnect on the creative vision for the website.

They would give you this creative thing that they had spent hours and hours working on and that you have been paying by the hour for, but it is not what you want.

Then you have the big challenge of telling them it isn’t what you want and then going through round after round of revision. All while you are being charged by the hour!

I have had to deal with that in the past, and it is super frustrating. It is so hard to find open-minded and willing companies that want to work for the customer’s idea.

I think JUCRA was good at determining the look you are trying to get. They throw a few things at you and get a feel for what you are after.

From the first draft, we were already looking at things that were close to what we wanted. Then it became more like tweaking instead of being stuck working on the concept.

What was your eureka moment with JUCRA?

When we were in the editing stage, JUCRA gave us the basic creative concept of how they wanted things laid out. Then we went through the more detailed editing process.

I couldn’t believe how fast this process was. I would literally be on the site and send them a message about a change, and on the next refresh, the thing was already there!

It was almost interactive with them, even though it wasn’t set up to be that way!

The communication was the real highlight. They set clear timelines and met every target they set for the project. There was no worrying about when we could launch the site; JUCRA did it in a very short timeframe

How has JUCRA helped you?

JUCRA are real experts at what they do, so I don’t have to be an expert. They just ask the basic questions about the look and functionality I want and make it happen.

Once the site is set up, we just want it so that nobody hacks our site, and the information is available to our clients intuitively, and JUCRA quickly takes care of that for us.

Because of JUCRA’s skillset and knowledge of how to do this right, I don’t have to worry about anything. I just have to feed them a little bit of information and then let them do it.

Would you recommend JUCRA?

I think anybody who is time-pressed and wants a professional, effective website for a reasonable price should work with JUCRA.

They really know what they’re doing, are genuine, honest, and communicative. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.