Facebook Ads Case Study for New Development on Costa del Sol

How we generated 111 Leads for €385k + new development property called Cataleya on a tight €1,000 budget. The English text ad was seen by over 84,000 facebook users across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Facebook Ads Case Study for €385k + New Developments on the Costa del Sol

by | 7 Jan, 2019 | Case Studies, Customer Success Stories

Campaign Stats

Total Leads Generated

Total Campaign Spend

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Total Click Throughs


Conversion Rate

The Scope

This was the client’s first step into PPC so allocated a small budget to promote their new development on the Costa del Sol and they wanted to target facebook users in the Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc. They gave us a 40 page PDF brochure which we branded with their logo and we created a slideshow video to create some additional content on the page. View the slideshow video here: https://vimeo.com/201878568/c7e345b47d which was created with images given to us by the client.

The Facebook Ad

The client gave us various images for us to create the landing page which and we chose a strong CGI image from the selection and created the copy for the ad based on the copy in the brochure.

The Landing Page

We went with a very direct approach to the landing page with the form being at the very top of the page. We also made a slideshow video so that the visitor had something extra to look at. Under the form we created some main bullets and some additional photos containing some features plus a friendly map showing the approximate location of the development. We made a very clear call to action in the form of a bright button and an arrow highlighting the button.

Final Results

The conversion rate was nearly 6% which was a good result and we think the newly styled landing page helped push that figure up from the usual conversion rate which is usually anywhere between 3-4%. Cost per lead was reasonable at €8.00 each. Client was happy and continued to promote new developments for several months after.