Facebook Ads Case Study for Recruitment Campaign for a Real Estate Agent

How we generated 212 candidates for a local real estate company after they were advertising in the local paper with little success but big costs. We allocated €250 on a campaign aimed at the local area and received 212 applications with a conversion rate of 32.9% costing a mere €1.14 each.

€250 Recruitment Campaign resulting in 212 candidates

by | 6 Jan, 2019 | Case Studies, Customer Success Stories

Campaign Stats

Total Leads Generated

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Conversion Rate

The Scope

We were asked to create a recruitment ad on facebook for a local real estate firm after they had some minor success with their local newspapers but the issue was that they would do an ad costing several hundred euros which would be shown in a friday edition of the paper, there would be some interest initially but after a few days the interest would fall off meaning they were having to place an ad each week in order to attract new candidates. In addition, tracking the performance of the newspaper ads was difficult. As we had been doing some facebook advertising work for them already with great successes, they decided to see if they could generate interested candidates to apply for positions at their real estate firm through facebook.

The Facebook Ad

To provide a consistent message, we created the ad using the same image as the landing page in order that the user sees a consistent message when clicking on the ad and going through to the landing page. We included the “Apply Now” call to action to prompt users to find out more. The ad itself was a simple static image provided by the client. In our opinion the image is very strong. The client provided the basis of the copy which we rewrote.

Landing Page

We created a simple, mobile friendly landing page. The landing page contained a very strong, positive message showing the company is serious and invited candidates to fill in the form using strong calls to action by drawing the eye to the form using bold colours. We put the landing page on its own unique domain name with ssl and when the user fills in the form they received a thank you message and an automated email to their mailbox thanking them for applying inviting them to take things further if they truly were interested.


As this was a recruitment campaign, we felt it was important that the people who were exposed to the ad were local to the office, so we configured the ad to be shown to facebook users within a 30 mile radius of the company’s offices in order to filter out those who might be out of the catchment area. We also decided against directly targeting the “real estate” niche in order to extend exposure to those who may not currently be in real estate but might be interested in a job in real estate. For example, someone in the radius might see the ad and pass it onto someone who they feel might be interested in the opportunity.

Final Results

We started the ad on December 14th through to January 14th and generated 212 candidates in total on a spend of €242.13. The landing page achieved a 22.6% conversion rate indicating that the landing page was interesting for most of the candidates. The cost per lead at €1.14 each was also very cost effective.