Case Study: Squarespace to WordPress for

by | 27 Jan, 2020 | Case Studies, Latest News


Danny is a pro marketing consultant based out of Atlanta in the United States and started using Squarespace a couple of years ago as they provide simple templates and the ability to get a professional-looking website up and running very quickly. He found Squarespace through various advertising which presented professional-looking templates so signed up for $99 a year.

Although the technical support was very good and they were easy to contact, one of the downsides of a hosted system such as Squarespace is that everything is proprietary so you can only reach out to them for assistance in the case when support is needed.

What he really wanted was the flexibility and expertise that is offered within the WordPress communities out there and the ability to utilise the wide range of third party plugins recommended by the WordPress community. Squarespace simply does not have the same kind of wide-ranging community support so anything beyond the normal parameters, you have to reach out to Squarespace support.


The website was a few pages, around 7 and relatively straightforward so we manually recreated his Squarespace website on a development domain and used the free WordPress platform alongside the very flexible premium theme called DIVI.

We used the premium plugin called Gravity Forms for the contact form. We also added a caching plugin to make the site load super fast on one of our Cpanel server based in New York.


Danny was super happy with the Squarespace to WordPress migration because he did not have to lift a finger, our team did all the work in the blink of an eye, the site looks almost identical to the one hosted on Squarespace and he now has all the power and flexibility and functionality of WordPress and not tied into any costly, annual subscriptions.

Danny also said: “This is the third or fourth site that you or your team have created for us and every time I am amazed at how quickly you respond and how everything is done Professionally. You create professional sites very quickly.  I can’t ask for more.”