JUCRA Customer Success Story > Dave Anderson from Dreamwest Investments

by | 23 Jun, 2021 | Customer Success Stories

“Having a professional-looking website is a cornerstone of any business. From start to finish, the whole brand gives tenants, buyers, and prospective clients confidence that this is a legit company. It shows we are not a fly by night company. JUCRA know they know what they’re doing. We are in good hands.”

Dave’s Results

  • A functional and up to date website
  • Input into the design process
  • A professional online presence for his business
  • More time for core business functions

How JUCRA helped Dream West Investments build a professional website

  • Skilled designers
  • A high level of communication throughout the site-building process
  • Secure and reliable servers
  • Responsive customer support

What challenges did you have before working with JUCRA?

My name is Dave Anderson from Dreamwest Investments. We offer and provide affordable rental housing.

Before JUCRA, we didn’t have much of a website. We had a domain, but it wasn’t of any use or value to us, people looking for rentals or those looking for rent to own opportunities.

It was just a WordPress website. I never kept it up to date, and it was always a struggle. Our site didn’t give us any benefit, and we weren’t using it. That’s what led us to JUCRA.

Have you had any website/hosting/email/marketing nightmares?

For 500 dollars, somebody made us a WordPress website, but it didn’t look that great. There wasn’t much thought put into it, and there was no back and forth for the design.

They just threw up seven pages, and we figured out how to keep it up to date on our own. Everybody is too busy, so we just didn’t keep it up to date.

What was your eureka moment with JUCRA?

I didn’t think I cared about a logo until I got 200 to choose from! All of a sudden, making a choice became fun. We picked the logo and colours and a whole brand theme in the beginning.

Our work with JUCRA was so different to our previous experience. I was impressed with the creativity and design, which isn’t my forte.

I was just able to provide the nuts and bolts, and it got turned into something that was a well done, good looking, and useful website.

How has JUCRA helped you?

The whole process of working with JUCRA was pretty smooth. I liked the process of building the contents of the page and deciding what will be on each page.

JUCRA then takes your content and idea and makes a functional site. You get to preview the work and have direct input throughout the design process. They always make sure you are 100% happy before moving on.

Before, the finished site was just handed off to me with basic instructions on keeping it up to date. Because I’m not a website developer or website guy, it just didn’t happen.

There were always higher priority things for me to do. So it just didn’t stay up to date. Now I just need to send a quick email to JUCRA asking for a change or update. Then it’s done very quickly and efficiently.

Working with JUCRA has freed up my time. Now my website stays up to date, whereas before, it never was.

Would you recommend JUCRA?

It’s the internet, so there’s no need to just go to your local shop down the street for a website. I am in Canada, and there was no issue working with a team in Spain.

I’ve had no issues with time zones or communication or anything like that. Everything has been seamless, and I would recommend JUCRA to anybody.