100% Uptime DNS Hosting

Take advantage of our industrial strength global dns system with coverage in three different countries across 4 separate data centres. Our dns hosting service is reliable and provides multilayer redundancy so you are guaranteed 100% uptime. Easily manage your dns settings from within the cpanel interface we provide you.


What is DNS Hosting?

DNS is the central nervous system for the internet. It acts like a directory of where websites and web services are located. Not only do you need to have fast dns hosting but the dns hosting needs to be redundant with failover system. We have spread out our dns hosting system to 3 different countries, each on separate continents to ensure that in the event one fails, the next one takes over.  

DNS Hosting Prices

We will provide a cpanel login to your DNS only hosting account so that you or your IT person can manage your DNS settings comfortably. We will also provide support in the case you need help with DNS.

NOTE: Unlike most dns providers who will set very high TTL (like 24 hours), as default we set ours for 600 seconds (5 minutes) but if you need lower like 30 seconds we can accomodate you.

Our DNS system is FAST and spread out over 3 different countries, Finland, UK, and two locations in the US.