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Our commercial wordpress plugin allows you to connect to your account on Resales Online and show properties on your own web site using the special API filter system from within the Resales Online control panel.
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Resales Online is without a doubt one of the leading CRM providers for Real Estate Agents allowing you instant access to over 750 + member agents with a combined property portfolio of over 25,000 + properties in Spain.

Our Resales Online Plugin For WordPress

We have been serving the real estate community on the Costa del sol since 2000 and we have been working with Resales Online since the company started offering xml feeds and api services so we are very experienced with resales online.

The goal with our plugin is to provide a simple, light yet flexible plugin which allows us to roll out Resales Online driven real estate websites quickly.


Plugin Screenshots

Please click the screenshots below to view some of the screens within the plugin.


This section details the versions and changes that we have made for our plugin. Any feature request should be sent to

Scheduled release date 15th of March 2019
* add parameter called p_new_devs for PropertySearch function
* add parameter called P_ShowAllPrices for PropertyDetails function
* add parameter P_Images (int) to PropertySearch function
* add ability for searching for rentals
* add webkit functionlity

= 1.4 =
* released on 4th of January 2019
* added change log page
* Fixed button width issue on resale online dashboard page

= 1.3 =
* released on 20th of December 2018
* added form settings page
* Add new functions for search by multiple references

= 1.2 =
* released on 12th of December 2018
* added WPUpdatesPluginUpdater_2058 class to activate update system

= 1.1 =
* released on 10th of December 2018
* ripped out all the old version 4 api functions
* recoded the function to be compatible with version 5 of resales online
* added settings page
* added debug page

= 1.0 =
* released on 15th of November 2018
* forked from thehsws resales online plugin using resales online api version 4

Prices for the JUCRA Digital Resales Online Plugin

Our plugin is a premium plugin offered on a licensed basis and when we develop new web sites that require Resales Online connectivity, we will give the plugin free for the first year.

If you have a current web site and require integration of the plugin into your current web site then choose one of the plans below.

IMPORTANT: Currently the plugin does not include a web kit. A webkit is the search form, results page and details page which are shown on the front end of the web site. We are currently developing a new web kit and integrating it into version 1.5 of the plugin which will be released around middle of march 2019.

If you purchase the Lifetime license, we will integrate a webkit into your wordpress theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the questions and answers below and if there is something here which does not appear for you, then please drop us a line on our contact page here.

How many sites can I install the plugin on?

Each license is for 1 (one) web site. If you need to install on multiple web sites, then you need to buy multiple licenses.

How does the licensing work?

When you purchase a license for the resales online plugin, we will assign you a “license key” which will occasionally ping your billing account at JUCRA Digital and will check the ip where the liciense is installed. If you have moved the license to a new server, then you can login and reassign the ip to the license and the plugin will be back up and running again. Or just drop us an email to and we wil do the rest.

What is a webkit?
We regard the web kit as being the front end compenents of the web site such as:

  1.  Search form fields
  2. Results page
  3. Details page
  4. Contact Form
Does the plugin come with a web kit?

Currently the plugin does not have any web kits included however in version 1.5 we will be including a webkit in the plugin files.

Can I buy the license and then develop the plugin myself?

Our Resales Online plugin is coded in such a way that if you can hook into the plugin functions and create extended functionality.

However, the plugin code itself is protected under trade secret and is encoded so you will not be able to hack the core plugin directly.

Can this plugin be integrated to any wordpress theme

Yes. This plugin will work with any wordpress theme that allows you to edit the child theme and add web kit items.

Do you have some questions about the Resales Online Plugin?

If you are a real estate agent interested in showing the Resales Online properties on your new or current web site, or a developer who has been tasked with integrating Resales Online, then give us a call and lets have a chat.

The most important question is the one you never ask!

Have any questions? We will be happy to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch.

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