Global DNS System Update

by | 3 Jan, 2020 | Latest News

We are pleased to announce that on the 7th of December 2019 we have upgraded our global dns system with an increase from 4 dns servers to 6 dns servers, providing even more redundancy for our DNS hosting clients.

We are now proud to offer a truly global dns system with DNS servers in the following countries: Finland, London, New York, Singapore, Amsterdam and Toronto.

Why is this upgrade important?

DNS is the central nervous system for the internet. It acts like a directory of where websites and web services are located. So when someone types a website name in their browser or sends an email, behind the scenes, DNS servers are the first point of contact and tell the user where the servers are located.

By having multiple dns servers dispersed across the world in different countries means that if there is a network issue in one location, the dns system will automatically roll over to the next location in the list of dns servers.

Many, even some of the biggest names in the hosting business still host their dns servers in one data centre providing no failover in the case of an outage meaning that websites won’t propagate and emails won’t be delivered. More often than not, they will only offer two dns servers whereas we offer six!

In our case, with six separate geographical locations around the world, if we have a failure in one location, the next location takes over automatically, providing true, multiple redundancy.

More information about our dns services are here: