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by | 9 Sep, 2021 | Customer Success Stories

“The ability to do everything with them is a big plus for us. We also get the confidence of dealing with a company that understands our business and learned to understand our business very quickly.”

Séamus’s Results

  • Developed a new automated proposal system
  • Updated Email Hosting infrastructure
  • Daily support for general online IT issues
  • Time saved can on IT problems is being used to increase sales

How JUCRA helped Golf Experience Spain

  • A single company to handle all your online needs
  • Audits of current systems
  • New and innovative solutions to IT problems
  • A team that works to understand your needs

What challenges did you have before working with JUCRA?

My name is Séamus Whooley, and I have been living in Spain for the last 20 years. My business, Golf Experience, is an incoming travel agency specializing in golf tours.

We had a fractured IT service where we were using different suppliers for different aspects of our IT, and It was uncoordinated.

I didn’t have the time to educate myself to bring our IT systems to where they needed to be. Along came JUCRA, and bit by, they took over different aspects of our IT infrastructure, and today they handle almost everything for us.

Have you had any website/hosting/email/marketing nightmares?

We had a series of issues with viruses that knocked us flat for periods of time. Also, with the speed of innovation in IT, we were far behind, and we either didn’t realise or didn’t have the time to catch up.

Justin and Craig from JUCRA helped me understand how far behind we were and got us back up to speed

What was your eureka moment with JUCRA?

I was playing around with the idea of automating proposals. Finally, we came up with an excellent semi-automated proposal system.

It was tailor-made for our requirements and a reasonably big investment, but I can already see the fruits of that in the customer reaction to what is now a much more professional and sleek proposal system.

How has JUCRA helped you?

JUCRA holds my hand through issues every day when I can’t get something to work. All I need to do is make a phone call. They are like a silent partner in the business, my IT department.

They are just a phone call away, and it’s just one-stop shopping, which is a significant advantage for me. I don’t have to call different people every time I have an issue; they just deal with it instantly.

The whole reason for investing in our new website was to free up time and make me more efficient. Now I have more time to make sales, which is what I am best at.

Would you recommend JUCRA?

I would definitely recommend JUCRA. I think they’re particularly suited to small to medium-sized companies who just don’t have the time or experience to handle their own IT infrastructure.

JUCRA is perfect for anybody who wants one-stop shopping and the ability to hand over everything to one company.