Managed Cpanel Web Hosting (With LiteSpeed Server)

Instant Setup. Daily Backups. Free Firewall. No Setup Fees. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Trusted by millions of hosting companies, without a doubt, Cpanel is the leading hosting control panel system. Coupled with the Cloud Linux operating system and Imunify360 firewall, we provide a powerful web hosting solution for your business and also using LiteSpeed server to guarantee that your site will be the fastest possible.

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Why our Cpanel Web Hosting service?

We offer cPanel hosting packages which provide all the useful resources necessary for the creation and maintenance of your website pages. We place a high focus on server security as well as business continuity with rigorous backups going back 18 months and high-level security with imunify360 from Cloud Linux, a leader in web security.

Our Network is Global

Choose Cpanel hosting in the United Kingdom, Germany or the United States so that your website is closer to where your customers are. Why? If your customers are, for example, based in the UK, it is better to have a hosting account in the UK as this will place your website closer to your customers, resulting in a faster web site experience.

Cpanel Hosting in the United States
Cpanel Hosting in the United Kingdom
Cpanel Hosting in Germany

Running WordPress?

Our Managed Cpanel is Perfect for you!

Security. Leave it to us

Forget running Wordfence or other complicated bloaty security plugins, they just slow your site down! All of our Cpanel accounts run server-side security in the form of Imunify360 which is one of the most powerful server security systems available.

Cpanel Hosting with Good Security
Cpanel Hosting by WordPress Experts

Access to WordPress Experts

We specialise in building and maintaining WordPress websites as well as WordPress plugins so if you are running WordPress and need some advice or need a hand, we are here to help with WordPress issues.

LiteSpeed Server + Serverside Caching

Our servers come with LiteSpeed server as standard so not only will you enjoy a secure hosting environment, but also you will enjoy the fastest caching system available meaning your website will be very fast. Double up on WordPress or Drupal and you can even use the free LiteSpeed caching plugin to squeeze as much juice as you can.

Cpanel Hosting with Good Security

Managed Cpanel Hosting Packed with Premium Features

Most website owners don’t have the time to learn the caveats of hosting their website, like setting up ftp, creating databases, securing their hosting, they just want to design the site, manage and maintain it and let the hosting run in the background knowing that it is being looked after by a team of people who are experts in their field.

WordPress Tables Plugin
Happy Cpanel Hosting Customers

“I was hosted with a well-known company in Germany and kept getting hacked. They kept telling me it was my fault. It was cheap hosting. Craig moved my site over to JUCRA premium hosting system and configured a secure version of WordPress for me. I have not been hacked again and actually my website runs faster now.”

Helga  Freud

Flashing Band Direct

Monthly Prices for Cpanel Managed Hosting

Fast, reliable, managed Cpanel web hosting services from €12 per month. Choose between monthly, bi-annual and annual terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Managed Cpanel Hosting

If there is a question that is not answered in this FAQ, please free to drop us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

What does "managed" Cpanel hosting mean?

Many hosting companies will offer a bare-bones service whereby you are expected to maintain your hosting and security yourself.

We have taken a different approach in that we will assist you and your webmaster with the server-side related issues and essentially “manage” the Cpanel account for you, at no additional charge.

Here are some examples of what we provide in our managed hosting account.

  • Daily Backups
  • Daily Incremental Backups
  • Disaster Recovery (free restores)
  • Security Measures (firewalls and malware scanning)
  • Cpanel support and/or management
  • Support for resolving technical issues in relation to the server (EG: upgrading of PHP, bandwidth issue, server error)
  • Performance analysis and advice
*What does unmetered bandwidth mean?

Put simply, we allow you unlimited bandwidth but within certain reasonable parameters. Offering unlimited bandwidth on shared servers is not feasible as it reduces the experience of other users on the server. 

If we can see that your server is getting too much traffic and is affecting other users on the server, then we will pop you a note and either ask you to limit the traffic or lease your own server which would come with 4TB of bandwidth as standard.

Where are your servers located?

We have servers in the following locations:

  • Frankfurt Germany
  • New York, United States
  • Maidenhead, United Kingdom

When you order from us we will as the default set your account up in the United Kingdom. If you wish to change locations, just drop us an email to indicating where you would like your website hosted.

Do you engage in the underhanded practice of "overselling" servers?

Overselling is when a hosting company will sell more hosting space than actually exists. It’s A VERY common practice with hosts that offer “unlimited” server space.

They do this hoping that the client will never use that space.

We DO NOT practise this kind of gamble when selling our hosting services, our clients’ businesses are far too important to us.

In fact, we only sell 50% of server space up to the amount shared between all the clients so that there is a decent amount of overhead in terms of space which allows increased performance.

How quickly is my account up and running?

Our setup is instant so as soon as you pay for your hosting, the hosting account is immediately provisioned and you will have access to your hosting account right away. 

So it does not matter what time, day or night, you order your hosting, it will be available to you right  away.

Are your shared servers Cloud VPS or Dedicated?

We only use dedicated “bare metal” servers and do not throw your account into a cloud VPS situation like a lot of “hosting” companies do.

Whilst we offer our clients a “shared hosting environment”, resources are allocated through the CloudLinux LVE system in the same way a VPS does.

More about Cloud Linux LVE here

The result is a very stable environment for all the clients and access to your hosting is possible through SSH in a jailed shell.


What is guaranteed ram?

Whilst our hosting accounts work on a shared server basis, our system uses a unique method of allocating resources.

So unlike most hosting companies where the ram availability is “free for all” which is a bad idea because another site might just hog all the resources, our system allocates a maximum level the account is allowed to use.

In a way, this is almost like having your own managed virtual server for the price of a shared hosting account.

What is % CPU?

Our servers, in general, are quite big and are either Dual Hex/Quad Core so there is a fair amount of CPU resource there for users to use, however, to prevent overloading the server from one account, each account is allocated a certain threshold of CPU resource they can access and when that level is reached we serve up a 503 Resource error.

This prevents say a Bronze account eating up all the server resources through a runaway PHP or database script or an account getting too much traffic.

This allows us to provide the most stable hosting environment possible because each account is limited to its CPU threshold.

Do you offer free SSL certificates?

Yes. We are able to offer you free SSL certificates for all your main domains, subdomains and add-on domains.

Our SSL system is automated so SSL certs are added automatically and are renewed automatically so you never need to worry about SSL again.

Do you do backups for my site?

Yes. In fact, we go way and beyond what is considered normal for backups.

Here is our backup schedule.

  1. Daily full Cpanel backup (going back 14 days)
  2. Daily incremental backup (going back 30 days)
  3. Weekly backup (going back 6 months)
  4. Monthly backups on the 1st and 15th of each month (going back 18 months)

The above backups are all sent to our 30TB backup array system with our provider in Germany.

What if the server goes down? Do you offer redundant hosting?

If you are referring to “HA” (High Availability), then on our shared hosting plans, no we do not offer HA or redundant services.

With most hosting companies, redundancy is not offered and neither is any plan to get your site running again and usually if their server goes down, you can expect to wait DAYS to have your site up again whilst they rebuild the server whereas we have servers already built and on standby for this occasion.

We do have pre-built ready to go servers in the event of a catastrophic failure of a web server.

This means that if a server goes down due to catastrophic hardware failures such as disk corruption and the server is not possible to restore, then we will immediately restore your site from our backup system to the standby server within a reasonable amount of time.

This means that within a relatively short time, your site will be up and running again.



How many email accounts do you offer with the hosting?

Email accounts are not included in the pricing of the hosting, they are priced separately through our Business Email Service.

We are a responsible hosting company so don’t actually host emails on the web servers. We have a completely separate external mail system which is backed by Rackspace Mail.

Can I upgrade/downgrade between plans?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade at any time between any of the hosting plans.

Do you offer uptime monitoring?

We do offer uptime monitoring of our server network at and our team are on hand 24/7 to handle any downtime emergency presented to us.

What is the cancellation period?

You can cancel anytime through your billing account and set the termination date to be set immediately, whereby the hosting account gets removed immediately or at the end of the next billing renewal.

Do you allow video streaming?

Not in the traditional sense. Our servers are not configured for “streaming”, they are configured for website hosting.

If you need a video streaming service, you should look into Vimeo Business or Youtube to serve up videos to your audience