Business Email Services on Rackspace Mail

25Gb Mailboxes. Send/Receive 50mb Emails. Secure Webmail. Mobile Support.

Whether its 1 or 1,000 mailboxes we have you covered with business-class email, spam protection, secure connectivity for IMAP, POP, SMTP and webmail, massive storage space for each account plus more.

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Why our Rackspace Business Email service?

No need to worry about maintaining expensive in-house mail servers. Our triple redundant state of the art mail infrastructure facilities managed by Rackspace ensure that your hosted email is running 100% of the time.

You do not even have to have your dns or your hosting with us! Just point your mx records to our system and we will do the rest.

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Some of the standard features of our hosted email service

100% Uptime Assurance

Your mail is hosted in 3 different data centres meaning no matter what happens your mail does not go down.

Unlimited Virtual Email Aliases

Create multiple or unlimited virtual email addresses with the ability to forward to  internal or external email accounts.

Backed by Rackspace Mail

Our system is backed by one of the major cloud providers in the world ensuring quality of service for your email.

Secure Webmail Environment

Outlook style, Ajax driven webmail interface so that you can securely check your email if you are without your mobile device.

Mobile Device Connectivity

Use your email on your mobile devices such as iphones, android, tablets or anywhere that IMAP or POP is supported.

Premium Anti Spam and Anti Virus

Spam and antivirus protection provided by Postmark services helping to keep your inbox free of spam and viruses.

Secure IMAP & POP Connections

Use your email on your mobile devices such as iphones, android, tablets or anywhere that IMAP or POP is supported.

Huge 25GB Email Storage

Never run out of space with our massive 25GB mailboxes enough space for 10’s of thousands of mails, documents and images.

Large 50 MB Attachments

Send and receive up to 50MB emails with large attachments to make sure that those documents arrive to your inbox.

Tutorials for all your devices

Our help system provides easy to follow tutorials for you to configure your devices whether you are a novice or pro.

Custom Email Filtering/Routing

Route and filter incoming email to custom folders or forward to external email addresses based on custom filters.

Prices for Business Email

Reliabe, feature packed, managed email from Rackspace.