How to run two instances of WhatsApp on your Mac

As a business owner I like to keep my private number and business number separate but the native WhatsApp software only allows you to run one instance at a time. So whats the solution? Let me quickly show you!

How to use 2 WhatsApp chats on the same computer

by | 8 Nov, 2018 | How To

The Issue

The native WhatsApp software only allows a single instance of its software to run at any one time so if you have two phone lines you can only run one version of the WhatsApp software at a time. This is a hassle because I want to be able to speak to clients via WhatsApp but dont want to expose my personal phone number but I also want to use my personal WhatsApp at the same time.

The Solution

I have found today a third party WhatsApp software which allows you to run a second WhatsApp window alongside the native WhatsApp window allowing you to keep the business and personal accounts separate and allowing you to chat with clients in one window and chat with your mates in the other.

As you can see in the screenshot below I am running my private WhatsApp and “business” WhatsApp on my mac desktop.

The Software

The third party WhatsApp software is called “ChatMate for WhatsApp”. It installs very easily and I was up and running in minutes. The cost of the software (in EU) is €2.99 one off payment.

They do offer a free trial which worked so well I upgraded within minutes.