Is your website outdated? 81% of online users think less of your Brand.

A survey of 1013 people performed by Blue Fountain Media found that if your website is not up to date or missing certain elements, they will click away.

81% of People Think Less of Your Brand if Your Website is Outdated

by | 1 Feb, 2019 | Latest News, Online Marketing

Is Your Website Up to Date?

A recent survey performed by Blue Fountain Media was sent to 1,013 US based web users between the ages of 18-60 asking them various questions of their perception of a brand based on their user experience.

The results of the survey might surprise some website owners and makes a great case for keeping your website up to date and relevant in terms of user experience.

The Results

  • 81% think less of a brand if the website is outdated
  • 39% would think twice about using a product or service if the web site is not fresh and current
  • 33% are turned off by lack of search box on a web site
  • 40% feel a search box is the most important feature on a web site
  • 43% ranked ease of use as a top priority in making their online experience better
  • 50% said user generated content such as reviews, photos helped them whilst shopping
  • 41% did not mind if websites stored their personal data as long as the data did not fall into the wrong hands
  • 32% understood there is a tradeoff between privacy and user experience
  • 36% were very concerned about their privacy online
  • 9% of people felt that ads on social media were a positive thing
  • 26% felt negative that ads appearing on their social media feeds were based on browser history and device activity
  • 50% said they liked the convenience of being shown relevant ads

In a Nutshell

Online customers come from a variety of sources, social media, pay per click like Facebook ads and Google Adwords as well as offline media such as radio, tv, magazines.  These buyers of products and services will inevitably end up on your web site at some point so making sure they have a good experience and they have trust in your brand as that’s very important if you expect to be competitive and grow your business.

To see the full survey results go here