Join the JUCRA Affiliate Scheme and earn a passive income

JUCRA Affiliate Scheme

If you regularly come into contact with people who are looking to have a new website designed, or improve their online presence with effective digital marketing, we have a powerful referral program which could earn you income with almost no effort on your part. All you need to do is recommend us, register the details of your client on our system, and if they use our services, you’ll get a slice of the pie.

We appreciate all referrals and believe you can’t beat recommendations, so we think you should be rewarded. This means that you won’t just get commission on the first sale, but for the lifetime of the client. This allows you to earn 10% of any monthly package, for hosting or business emails, for as long as they stay with us. So, while you’re on the beach or enjoying family time that income will just trickle in.

If one of your referrals purchases a website for the cost of €2,000, you earn 200€ and could then benefit from a monthly income if they choose a hosting or SEO package too. That might be 10 or 20€ per month. If you could pass us 10 clients or more, it starts to get really interesting!

How does it work?

I’m glad you asked! It’s really easy and free to become a JUCRA Affiliate. Fill in a simple form on our website and agree to comply with our terms and conditions. You will then have access to our affiliate portal where you can login to view referrals, check your referrals and add new clients into the system to make sure you get paid.

If you’re someone who comes into contact with new businesses through your job, or simply a trusted person in your community who are often asked for recommendations, you could be earning for those recommendations! Simply get acquainted with our services so you’re confident talking about it and know we can help. Then pass them over to us and let us do the rest.

We’re really flexible with how we pay these commissions. If you’re a business or are self-employed you just invoice us and we transfer the money to you, or if you’d rather not invoice, we can pay you with Amazon gift vouchers. Alternatively, we can knock off any commissions from digital marketing work for your company, so your website, SEO or hosting could be paid for thanks to your referrals.

How could JUCRA help my clients, friends or family members?

We are digital marketing specialists, so this means we help businesses to have a strong online presence and sell or promote themselves on the web. If you know people who don’t have a website yet, or want their websites to be generating more enquiries or sales then we can help!

JUCRA offers professional website design and can build you a website which properly represents your business and does what you need it to. We use WordPress and always ensure they work on all devices, look great and generate customers for you. Our approach is focused on results, planning and implementing strategies to get more visitors to the site and then maximise the amount of people who will click to contact you or to buy.

As well as websites, we design landing pages, as part of your digital marketing strategy to ensure you generate as much conversion (sales or leads) from your ads as possible.

But we go further than just website design. We also support those websites and landing pages to make sure that they are working well, always updated and protected against the hackers. Our website care plans gives you peace of mind, knowing you have someone checking the site regularly, installing the updates you need and backing up your information, so if there is a problem it can be quickly restored and working well again before you know it. Alternatively, we can just fix problems which are occurring on the site on a one-off basis.

We also offer website hosting, which means there’s a safe place for your website to sit, where it will be constantly connected to the internet, safe from hackers and supported to make sure it never goes down.

Last but no means least, we offer a business email service to host your email and ensure it’s running 100% of the time.

Sign-Up to become an Affiliate

If you think that your contacts or clients could benefit from our services, we’d love you to become an affiliate. Sign-Up today by filling in our very simple form and start generating income!