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We will optimise and promote one page on your web site for a single phrase/keyword
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What is a single page campaign?

If you have a page on your web site, say a specific landing page you want to boost on the search engines, then we will create a new page on your site and start a targeted campaign aimed at one single keyword/phrase. For example, lets say you want to rank a sub page for “ACME Widgets in ACMEville”, this campaign is perfect for you as we will target that phrase and attempt to push that page towards the top of the search engines.

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Frequently Asked Question About Our SEO Service

Please see some FAQ’s related to our SEO services, if you have a question which does not appear here then feel free to contact us.

How many hours per month do you spend on my account?

We don’t allocate a fixed amount of hours per account, although if we see that the amount of hours we are spending on your account exceeds a reasonable amount then we will bring it to your attention.

SEO for the most part is a manual, time consuming process and although we do have access to some automated tools which helps with getting things done, those tools dont run themselves so we do spend a great deal of time manually working on your account.

Can you guarantee results?

We can certainly guarantee that we will do the best possible job for you and put your interests first when handling your SEO. We will work very hard for your account and get your term as high as we can.

Noone can gurantee rankings as the goal posts are changing all the time so what works one day might not work the next.

In fact Google expressely mentions it in their guidelines by saying “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.”

Why is your minimum term 6 months?

SEO is not an overnight result driven activity, in fact it can take several months* before you see results and considerable time and effort is spent on an ongoing basis to push your site up the rankings.

For example, here is a timeline of the first 6 months of doing SEO for your account.

MONTH 1: Site audit, Keyword research, Page speed optimisation, On page tweaking, Analytics setup
MONTH 2: Start backlink building, set up reporting, monitor traffic
MONTH 3: Continue backlinking, reporting, monitor results
MONTH 4 +: Rinse and repeat monthly.

*We are not saying that you wont see results for 6 months, however many factors can determine the length of time before you see yourself on the first page.

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