New Year’s Resolutions for optimising your digital marketing

by | 21 Dec, 2021 | MIsc, Online Marketing

New Year’s Resolutions for optimising your digital marketing

The end of year is nigh, and as we approach Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is a time to reflect on what’s come before and plan for a great year ahead. What will you be pledging to do in 2022?

We advise you to not only set personal resolutions as the clock strikes twelve, but also professional ones. Goal setting and planning to make those goals a reality is key to success! Don’t forget the power and potential of digital marketing when you’re setting these goals. Here are three digital marketing resolutions all companies should be making in 2022.

I will ask myself if my website and social media channels are working the best they possibly can be

This is a great New Year’s Resolution for every business, as the year end is the time to take stock, and review what is working and what has not been working well. It’s a time to check your analytics, find out where your customers are coming from and what they are responding to. If you’re not sure what to expect, check out our article on How quality web design can get you more customers – getting it right makes a huge difference to your online success.

If you’re not getting the response you’d like, it’s worth checking that your calls-to-action are strong and that you’re using things like landing pages to maximise the leads you receive from every website and social media click. Make sure your web experts are proactive, testing different approaches and regularly optimising your advertising, SEO and social media to ensure every post, article and page are delivering all they can for your business.

I will ensure I know the latest trends in digital marketing and adapt

This is a constantly changing sphere, so you need to keep up with the trends and keep innovating to keep up with your competitors. Things have been changing particularly quickly over the last few years, with so many businesses needing to go online in response to COVID and then scale things back when things opened up once more. It has been a race to adapt, but the end of the year gives you a chance to get an overview of where things stand now from your businesses point of view and we’d recommend using this time to educate yourselves on the trends. Learning about digital marketing trends helps you to see opportunities and plan for online marketing success in 2022.

An incredible resource is the HubSpot Annual State of Marketing Report. They surveyed over 1,000 marketing professionals and industry experts to reveal the trends to watch and these include:

  • The continued importance of influencer marketing and the growth expected in this sector. 11% of marketers report that it’s their top ROI generator! Over half use micro-influencers, which brings costs down and opens up this tool to businesses of all sizes.
  • Short-form video content is working very well for marketers in terms of both performance and engagement, with a whopping 89% of marketers surveyed planning to continue investing in video marketing or increasing their spend. Check out the tools on TikTok and see whether this approach could work for you.
  • Mobile optimisation is essential as millennials and Gen Z buyers increase in importance, so your website must work well on mobile devices. Read our blog on the importance of mobile optimisation to find out what this really means and check that you can easily navigate, enquire and buy from a phone and tablet, as well as on a computer.
  • The love affair with stories and reels seems to be cooling, and a return to investment in permanent social media content is coming, as the ROI is greater. However, most marketers agree that a mix of ephemeral and permanent posts is ideal.
  • CSR is key and marketers will be investing in it in 2022, although it doesn’t influence campaign engagement or performance. This may seem strange, but the modern consumer cares about whether the companies they buy from are socially responsible or not, therefore this message needs to be clear throughout the marketing materials – on and offline.
  • SEO continues to be vital to getting customers to our websites and 84% of marketers surveyed will continue to invest at the same or a higher level in 2022.

Read more marketing trends from HubSpot by downloading their report, or contact us for a review and recommendations on how you can bring your digital marketing up to speed for 2022.

I will make sure I know what my customers want online and deliver

As digital marketing specialists, we’re all about the trends, the code and the online tools which work. But not all companies are created equal, therefore not all tools or trends are right for you. You need to make 100% sure you know what your clients want from your company online. Use a combination of data and market research to find out what is delighting or frustrating your customers. Run a poll, or simply have your sales team contact some loyal customers and ask them honestly what they like and what you could be doing better. People love to know you care and there may be some very easy fixes available to make sure that your website and social media is doing what your customers need it to. Listen and learn from your customers in 2022, they will thank you for it by becoming more loyal, spending more and becoming your advocates, thereby attracting more customers to you. Now that’s a win-win!

Have a Happy, Healthy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

We hope this article has helped you set some positive resolutions for your business in 2022. Now it’s time to enjoy a very special time of year.

From all the team at JUCRA, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our offices will be closed from 24th to 27th of December and the 31st of December to the 3rd of January, but our support teams will be available throughout to ensure your website and email systems are working perfectly throughout the festive period and you don’t have to worry. We’d love to help 2022 be an excellent year for your business and support you to digital marketing success. Please get in touch with us today and find out how.