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This is our private members-only Facebook group where you will have direct, exclusive access to our digital marketing team. You can ask questions, receive updates and get access to exclusive content. We are here to help you grow your business online.
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Our VIP Facebook Group is perfect for:


Savvy business owners who need help in understanding online marketing like social media, SEO and PPC.


Individuals who want access to knowledgable consultants in a friendly, shared environment.


Access to exclusive, sought after resources and information usually sold for thousands of euros.

How do I optimise my Google My Business listing?

We have a really detailed guide for members only, detailing how you can optimise your Google My Business listing. Google My Business (GMB) is important if you want to be found on local search results, so our guide gives you the inside track.

Should I use my personal profile or business profile to share business posts on Facebook?

A lot of people make the mistake of posting business posts on their personal profile when they should post to their page and then share the post through their personal profile. Our easy to follow tutorial and help from our team will have you posting properly in no time.

How do I create a social media strategy for my business?

Social media is a highly effective marketing platform and keeping your audience engaged is vitally important. We will show you the tools we use and help you along your journey of discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions you have which are not covered here, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is the JUCRA VIP Facebook Group Free?

If you are a website care package customer, then access to the group is FREE. Website care plans start at €69 a month. So if you are a website care customer, you get an additional €249 value.

Click here to read more about our website care plans.

For non-website care customers, in order to provide a high level of service, there is a monthly subscription to access our private Facebook group.

To access this exclusive members group, the following membership options are available:

  • €249 per month
  • €597 per quarter (20% Discount)
  • €1,250 6 months access (1 month free)
  • €2,490 12 months access (2 months free)
How is this VIP group different than the 1,000's of free groups out there?

We have been members of various “free” groups for years and the sad fact is that the quality of advice given in some of these groups is very poor, mostly based on conjecture and full of scammers.

This group is small in size and managed and moderated by us so we can assure only the highest quality content and advice.

Why do you charge a monthly fee?

Unlike many “free” Facebook groups with large numbers of members which quickly becomes a cesspool of spam with marketers trying to hard-sell their resources and courses, along with scammers trying to steal your details, our group is restricted to high-quality individuals with a genuine interest in growing their business. In order to limit the influx of scammers and spammers, we agreed that members pay a monthly fee in order to filter out the freeloaders.

Do you offer a free trial?

For selected individuals we do. Contact for a free trial.

Can I really ask you about "anything"?

Let’s be clear, we are digital marketers and web designers so anything about those subjects, ask away.

Are you going to hard sell me your services?

Being honest, we will always be slightly biased towards our own offerings, after all, we truly believe we offer honest services, however, we will always offer unbiased advice in the group.

So if you said to us, “what’s the best hosting?”, we would provide you unbiased advice, but of course, including our own services in the mix IF its appropriate and/or relevant.

The key here is that we are NOT going to be in your DM pushing and hard selling our services to you.

Granted, much of our resources will be branded with our logo and we might give you an affiliate link to something special now and again but the group is not for selling to you, it’s in place to help you and that’s a good enough reward for us.


Do I need to be a client of JUCRA Digital in order to join?

Before you can access the group, you will need to be registered as a client with JUCRA Digital.

You do not need to buy any other services from us in order to use the group.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime without penalty

Ready to change the way you attract clients?

From only €249 a month, you will have exclusive access to a group of like-minded people supported by our professional team.

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If you are a website care client, which start at €69 per month, then you will have free access to the group. That’s €249 of additional value!

Note: Prices quoted do not include Spanish tax at 21% where applicable. All payments are via recurring credit card.

Still not sure?

Schedule a call with us and let’s discuss how our VIP group can benefit your business.