Premium Workshops

Come in and sit down face to face with one of our seasoned professionals and hashout what you need and get solid advice for your idea or project.


Until further notice, all workshops will be conducted via video link using Zoom. We appreciate customers patience but the current global threat of Covid 19 has moved us to postpone all face to face meetings in our conference rooms in Marbella for the safety of not only our staff but our clients.

Why a Workshop?

  • You are thinking to do a web project but need unbiased advice/consultation.
  • You have requirements that need a complex proposal but can’t provide any brief.
  • You want to sit down with an experienced professional and discuss ideas/concerns.

In such cases the best approach is to have a physical workshop with a member of our team so they can sit down with you and go over your requirements/concerns.

A workshop can save you time and money in the long run especially if you are thinking to do a complicated web project as we can give you unbiased, insiders advice on internet related matters.

What’s included in a Workshop?

Face Time

Up to 2 hours face to face in our luxury offices in Marbella


Private conference room for up to 5 people so bring your associates


High speed wifi so you can browse the internet during the workshop


Tea, Coffee and water so you dont get too parched during your workshop

Workshop Packages

PLEASE READ: Workshop Booking Policy

  1. Workshops take place in our offices in Marbella on the Golden Mile.
  2. Workshops will not take place on public holidays or weekends.
  3. We need at least 3 working days notice for workshop date to check availability.
  4. Workshops needs to be paid 100% in advance.
  5. Workshop dates will not be confirmed until full payment is made.
  6. If a workshop needs to be rescheduled by you, there will be a surcharge charge of €50.
  7. Workshop fees are non refundable.