Facebook Ads Case Study for Black Friday Competition

This case study is an overview of some PPC work we have done for a client who has a 4 star hotel on the Romanian and Estonian border and wanted to do a 7 day competition to offer up to 30 rooms on Black Friday and a 20% discount voucher for runners up.
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Frontier Hotel Black Friday Facebook Ads Case Study

by | 15 Nov, 2018 | Case Studies, Customer Success Stories

The Results

Total Leads Generated

Total Campaign Spend

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Total Click Throughs


Conversion Rate

The Scope

Offer 30 lucky winners a free nights stay on Black Friday in the hotel. All runners up receive a 20% discount voucher which is valid for 90 days from the close of the competition. The ads would need to go out to citizens within 50-100km of the hotel.

The Solution

We produced two landing pages, 1 in Romanian and 1 in English, along with two facebook campaigns targeting people living within a 100km radius of the hotel.

The funnel was basically: push people from facebook to the external landing pages and then send the leads via email to the client, get the leads into mailchimp so we can remarket to them later.

At the end of the competition, in mailchimp we tagged the winners and the runners up so we could send different emails to the different entrants. Winners would be sent a link to a PDF voucher* giving them a free night in the hotel on the Black Friday and the runners up were given a link to a 20% discount voucher.

*JUCRA Digital has its own PDF voucher system with unique codes and the name of the entrant printed on the voucher. Users click on a link in mailchimp and download their personalised PDF voucher.

We designed the voucher for the hotel. Here is an example below.

We then gave the hotel a control sheet with a list of all the codes generated. We were also able to tell the hotel which entrants downloaded the voucher so they could contact the entrant and confirm their entry and convert them to a booking.

The Ads
We produced two ads, 1 in English and the other in Romanian. When users click these ads they go through to the two landing pages.

The Landing Pages

We created two landing pages on our landing page platform. The landing page platform is configured to send any completed forms to the client via email. Our platform also stores the leads and is available for us to download the leads and send to the client in CSV format so they can import to their own CRM system.

The Emails

We created the mailchimp emails to send to winners and runners up. The yellow button led the user to a script on the JUCRA Digital system which generated a personalised PDf voucher which contains the persons name and a unique code whcih would be checked by the hotel staff to ensure that the voucher is valid.