Facebook Ads Case Study for Luxury Villas in Marbella, Spain

How we generated 2,237 Leads for Million Euro Properties (Luxury Villas) on a meagre spend of €4,000 with a cost per lead of €1.39. The ad was also seen by nearly 2 million facebook users.

Facebook Ads Case Study for Luxury Villas in Spain

by | 5 Dec, 2018 | Case Studies, Customer Success Stories

The Results

Total Leads Generated

Total Campaign Spend

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Total Click Throughs


Conversion Rate

The Scope

The client was developing 7 luxury villas from €1 million upwards and wanted to generate some sincere interest from serious buyers from Europe, Far East and Middle East. The goal was to generate leads from a landing page where the visitor would be sent a brochure via email and the clients telesales team would follow up.

The Facebook Ad

The client gave us a brochure containing the CGI images and we chose a bold looking villa from the assortment of images and we super imposed a bright coloured ribbon in the top left corner to catch the users eye. The goal was to get them to download the brochure in return for their details.

Landing Page

We tried to keep the landing page in the same style as the advert but we added a sliding gallery of other CGI images so the user could get an idea of the offering. We also kept the calls to action very bright so the user would instinctively know what to do. We set up the landing on a unique domain name and made the landing page mobile friendly.


For this campaign we targeted English speaking visitors from outside Europe as it was the time of Brexit and was felt that targeting UK visitors might result in expensive campaign results.

Final Results

We started the ad on July 27th through to November 1st and generated 2,128 leads in total on a spend of €4,031. The landing page achieved a respectable conversion rate of 3.68%. The cost per lead at €1.89 each was also very cost effective as the client reported they had received several reservations for the luxury properties.