Secure Payment Gateway for Accepting Credit Cards

Same Day Setup. Hassle Free. Free Hosting. Custom Domain.
Start accepting credit card payments from clients within minutes with our stripe gateway script. Have issues with your bank not approving you for credit cards? Our done for you hosted stripe gateway is secure, reliable and quick to setup.
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Stripe Gateway System

Online payments have long become a big deal in accepting and processing credit card payments from customers.

However, you have been subject to complicated eCommerce software which contains multistep carts and checkouts which for the general consumer is complicated.

With our stripe gateway system, you send your clients to a single page on your custom domain, they fill in some basic details and submit their card details and the credit card merchant processes the payment in real-time!

Stripe Payment Gateway

Who is this Stripe Gateway for?

Stripe Payment Gateway

You are a business who needs to securely accept credit card payments from people and need a simple solution. You simply send the user to a link, and they pay online and you receive the payment. Very simple! 

You want to be able to accept credit cards when you are out of the office, say in the case you don’t have any credit card machine. This system will work on a mobile or tablet with an internet connection anywhere.

You have issues with your bank providing you online card payment facilities. In this case, you create a Stripe account and Stripe becomes your payment processor.

Price quoted does not include VAT where applicable.

* When we release a bug update or new release we will email you and let you know there are some upgrades and request permission to perform an upgrade to the software.

** We will include the domain name, hosting and email account free for the first year, after the first year, cost is €145 per year or €15 per month. SSL certs are included free in all our hosting accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What sort of payments can I accept?

You can accept any general credit card from Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Stripe may also support Google pay if your country supports it.

Is the payment software safe?

Yes, absolutely.

1. The hosting and domain name will have SSL installed so any details entered on the form are encrypted. In addition, our servers are secured by Imunify360 and CloudLinux so any funny business is stopped server side before they reach your software.

2. The card details are never stored on our servers, in fact between the forms we securely  transfer the user over to stripe’s payment form for absolute security of their card details.

3. Stripe is a world renowned card merchant with excellent security. Read more here:

Do I need to have a stripe account?

Yes, you will need to have a stripe account in order to use the gateway system. Signing up for a stripe account is very easy. You can sign up here: We advise that you have a stripe account before ordering from us as this software only works with stripe.

Does JUCRA need access to my stripe account?

We will need “developer access” to your account so that we can get the api keys and test the forms in test and live mode. Here we have a page showing you how to do that:

Does the software have to be hosted with you?

Yes, we will host it on our secure servers. This is a fully managed software, not open source and the code is proprietary. You cannot access the physical code.

What domain will the software be installed on?

There are two options for this:

1. UNIQUE DOMAIN: We would register a new domain name for you. EG: or or (or whatever is available)

2. SUB DOMAIN: We will setup a subdomain of your current name: EG: or

You can then point your users to that domain.

Can I customise the look and feel of the pages?

We have designed the form to be very simple, but we can make minor customisation to the style of the pages such as colors, adding a logo. Adding or customising fields will fall under “Custom Customisations”.

Can I request Custom Customisations EG: add more fields to the form?

We have designed this form to be very simple, so any additions or custom changes to the core code will be quoted for. This will also affect any free upgrades in future as your software will no longer be in standard form so upgrades will no longer be free.

Do I need to have a bank account to accept Stripe?

You will need some kind of bank account in order for Stripe to send you your money. If you dont have a national bank, then you can try opening an account with Revolut or Transferwise. We cannot offer any consultation or advice. Getting a bank account is something you need to do yourself.