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If you want to be found on the search engines then you need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of the competitive online market place especially if you need to be noticed and attract sales to your online business.

Have a look at our seo explainer video giving an overview of what SEO is and how JUCRA Digital SL can help you.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Pricing for Search Engine Optimisation

The pricings listed below are our agency fees for providing search engine optimisation. 

**Our SEO contracts are a minimum term of 12 months paid monthly in advance.
Discounts may apply for annual prepayment in advance.

* The setup fee is a one time fee when we set up your account for the first time.
** Our seo contracts are minimum term of 12 months paid monthly in advance. Discounts may apply for annual prepayment in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

Please browse the faq’s here and if you have any questions, please pop us an email.

How long does it take to start ranking for keywords?

Every campaign is different, and some keywords have more search volume then others, which means they are more competitive and harder to rank for. It can take anywhere between 3-6 months to start seeing rankings for competitive keywords.

How do I know which SEO plan is good for my business?

Our SEO campaigns are built on different tiers based on the website’s page size. For example, if a website has 1 to 10 pages, they should be in the SEO Basic plan. If the website has 11 to 20 pages, they should be in the SEO Plus plan. If the website has 21 to 30 pages, they should be in the SEO Premium plan. If the website has 31+ pages, they should be in the SEO Elite plan.

You can still sign up a 30-page website for the SEO Basic plan, but it will just limit the performance and speed to rank for its keywords. 

Will the setup take a month on its own?

No, we actually do the setup and all of the services for month one at the same time. So, at the end of month one, both setup and all the first month’s services will be complete.

What's involved in the setup process?

SEO is not a single point and click solution and some groundwork has to be done. We will do the following during the set up process.

– Listings Manager Setup
– 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
– Google Business Listing Setup
– Listing Manager Quality Assurance
– Google Analytics Setup
– Google Search Console Setup
– Keyword Research
– Competitor Research
– Website Audit
– Broken Link Audit
– 301 Page Redirects
– XML Sitemap Setup
– Link Social Media Accounts To Website
– NAP Optimization
– Robots.txt Setup & Optimization
– XML Sitemap Submission
– Fetch & Render In Google Search Console

What do you do every month for your fee?

SEO is an organic process and requires upkeep and monitoring each month. We will do the following month on month for you.

– Account Review
– Website Audit & Fixes
– Toxic Backlink Audit & Disavow
– Ongoing On-Page Website Optimization
– Optimize Title Tags
– Optimize Meta Descriptions
– Optimize Image Alt Tags
– Optimize Image Title Tags
– Internal Linking
– Outbound Linking
– Compress Image Sizes
– Search Console Check
– Broken Link Audit
– 301 Page Redirects
– Sitemap Check
– Fetch & Render In Google Search Console
– Monthly Progress Report
– Monthly Ranking Report

Is the Listings Manager (70+ Listings) only available to USA clients?

Yes, we currently only have USA directories within our network. If you are signing up a client outside of the USA, you will not receive these listings. However, you will receive an additional 500-word article instead on a monthly basis.

What kind of content do you write for me every month?

We give three different options to choose from, but we’ll recommend what’s best for SEO purposes based on the industry. You can choose from location pages, service pages or blogs.

Will you post the articles on the website as well?

Yes, our team will post the article to your website along with licensed images to make it look professional. Then, our SEO specialists will optimize those articles to get the best engagement and rankings.

Will you create a Google Map listing?

Yes, our team will create, verify, optimize and manage the approval process.


Do I get progress reports?

We will send you a monthly SEO report detailing the progress of your keywords and pages on Google.

Do you do perform backlink building?

We will perform basic backlinking through article submissions and press release submissions but if you need high-quality backlinks then we can arrange that for you but costs will vary.

For example:

DA10+ (DR Average 10) – from €100
DA20+ (DR Average 15) – from €125
DA30+ (DR Average 20) – from €150
DA40+ (DR Average 25) – from €360
DA50+ (DR Average 30) – from €500

Want to Discuss SEO for your business?

If you are a business owner interested in generating quality leads through SEO, then feel free to contact us for a quick call.

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