Premium Social Media Account Creation

We will create your social profiles on the most popular social media platforms. We will include the graphics too!

What are premium social media accounts?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms out there but only a handful of them matter.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Places, YouTube, Linked IN, Instagram and Pinterest are in the group of some of the most powerful social media platforms out there and combined have more than 7 billion users, yes that’s billion with a B.

If you thought social media was a passing phase or a bubble, think again, social media is powerful marketing platform and here to stay. 

Top reasons to be on social media

Learn about your target audience

A business page on social media gives you a way to communicate directly with your target audience. Think of it as an ongoing focus group. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company and want to learn more. While they certainly are expecting to receive useful information from your social media page, you also can be collecting useful information from them through their participation.

"Humanize" your company

Social connections and genuine communication are integral parts of social media, and they offer you an opportunity to attach a face, name, and personality to your brand. While your social media page may represent your company, it also allows you to show the human side of your business through one-on-one conversations, personal tidbits, and nonbusiness interaction.

Social media is great for search engine optimization

Social media can be an effective way to direct traffic to your business website and blog. Your posts, links, and other actions that are contained on your social media profiles so can give you an SEO boost if they are indexed by search engines.

Your competition is already using social media to generate leads

Doing something simply because your competition is doing it isn’t a good enough reason, but when it comes to social media, not having a social media presence on social networks can cost you opportunities—especially if your competition is using social media and using it well.

We can offer premium social media account creation services for the following social media platforms


2.2 billion users


200 million users


336 million users


1 billion users

Google Places

900 million listings

Linked IN

294 million users


1.9 billion users

Pricing and packages for premium social media account creation

Please Note: this is for premium account creation services and we provide a full service including designing the graphics and providing you the login after the accounts are created. This service is for new account creation only, not ongoing social media management which is a different service.