Social Media Posting Service

We will create engagement with your audience by providing creative social media posts on your behalf. Make your social media channel come to life and start generating new leads and sales!
Ask yourself….

1. Am I updating my social media channels on a regular basis?
2. Do I have the time to update my social media channels?

If you answered no to both, then let us take the difficult task of keeping your social media channels updated regularly and you concentrate on what you do best, manage your business.

Here is some of the social media posting services we provide

Frequently asked questions about our social media posting services

What type of social media posts are included?

Our posting service is meant for maintenance style social media posts. They can include images, GIF’s and industry specific trending news. These are not custom graphics with the your services or products. They are also not branded with your logos and colors. This social media posting service is perfect for any industry/client that wants to keep their social media pages up-to-date with quality content on a monthly basis.

Can we post items ourselves in addition to your postings?
Yes, you can most certainly can post while we’re posting. The more the merrier! You would just need to post directly on the social media channels themselves, not through our digital dashboard.
What are the social media channels you will post to?
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google my business.
What if we already have social media channels created?

No problems! We will request the logins for each social media channel from you so we can start posting to them.

What if we do not have any social media channels?

That’s ok, our team will go out and create the social media channels for you. We’ll then integrate those into the digital dashboard and start posting on your behalf.

Are custom graphics included when creating out the social media channels?

Yes, our inhouse team of graphic designers will create the custom graphics for any new social media channels we create.

Can we choose which social media channels we want post to?
Yes, based on the plan you choose, you can select either 3 or 4 social media channels for us to post to.
How do I view my reports?
You can always login to your digital marketing dashboard at  and view scheduled postings in a calendar view.

Aside from dashboard reporting’s, you’ll also receive monthly progress report during the first week of every month.

If we cancel the posting service, do we keep the social media channels?
Yes, of course! You will get to keep all the social media channels we create for you, if we created them and were ever given access to them.

Let's discuss your social media!

Social media is a serious lead generator so if you want to understand a little more how to capitalise on this upward trending marketing medium, then feel free to contact us for a quick call.
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