JUCRA Customer Success Story > Elizabeth Eaton of Suncoaster Group

by | 28 Jun, 2021 | Customer Success Stories

“We didn’t have any kind of social media presence, and JUCRA allowed us to grow in that area. They have helped us and given us ideas of other things to do as well. Without them, we would be stuck in the dark ages.”

Elizabeth’s Results

  • Modernised legacy systems in the business
  • Added functionality for customers on the company website
  • Established a social media presence
  • Support with design and implementation

How JUCRA helped Suncoaster establish an online presence

  • Personalised service
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Years of experience with web design
  • A complete service that takes care of all your digital needs

What challenges did you have before working with JUCRA?

My name’s Elizabeth, and we have a holiday rental, sales and management business on the Costa del Sol. We have been in business for just over 27 years.

In the beginning, we didn’t have any websites or presence on the internet, basically stuck in the olden days. At one point, we even had a physical booking folder for our holiday rentals!

I have been here for nine years, and the company was using JUCRA way before that. I am not sure how they originally got in contact with them. They are local to us as well, so it’s probably because they were close by.

JUCRA have done all our websites and basically all our IT stuff. Our businesses are structured very separately, so that means three different websites.

Have you had any website/hosting/email/marketing nightmares?

One of our websites was built by a different web developer. It was great initially, but over time, many problems developed, and JUCRA came in to fix them.

In the end, they made a completely new website. The functionality of the previous website just didn’t work; it was glitching all the time.

There were also problems with usability, and the site was old-fashioned. The worst thing was that we couldn’t change anything ourselves. We always have to go through the company, and it just wasn’t working well.

What was your eureka moment with JUCRA?

We gave them a brief, and they delivered exactly what we want. And because we’ve known each other for so long, they know our business. They know how we like things and how we like things to look.

They consistently deliver exactly what we want, and if there are changes to be made, they do them quickly, and we always get to a fantastic product in the end.

How has JUCRA helped you?

Part of my role is dealing with our digital presence and marketing. People in the office come to me when they have a problem, like their email not working.

I can usually fix things on my own or look at how JUCRA has helped me fix them in the past. If I do need to go to them, they come back to me within 24 hours and fix the problem straight away. There is no time hanging around, waiting for those guys to come back to you.

Would you recommend JUCRA?

You should definitely work with JUCRA. They are super-efficient and friendly. If you need some new ideas, they are great. JUCRA are up to date with security, social media, and website design.

They know everything about the industry, and you feel like you are in good hands. JUCRA will provide you with what you need and guide you through the whole process.