Support A Local Sports Club. We do! The Costa Gaels

by | 3 Jan, 2020 | Latest News

In addition to providing hosting and maintenance for the Costa Gaels web site at, JUCRA Digital is proud to sponsor one of the holes at the Costa Gaels Golf Classic taking place on February the 29th 2020 the Marbella Golf and Country Club.

About the Costa Gaels

The local Irish community have no fear when it comes to making themselves heard when they move to a new neighbourhood or country. Along with their usual (well deserved) stereotypes of having the “craic”, socialising and joking, they also have a well kept secret they have imported in the form of Gaelic Sports.

Under the banner of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Gaelic Football is played. A combination of Soccer, Basketball, and a smidgen of Rugby, this fast and tough sport is relatively unknown outside of Ireland even though it has been played for a few thousand (YES THOUSAND!) years! A massive part of the community in every town and village throughout Ireland, Gaelic Games are completely amateur in nature, played for passion and pride and require extreme levels of fitness and dedication at all levels. NOT for the faint of heart!

That being said, few who try it, regret it. Alongside the men, the ladies are an integral part of the sport and kids of all ages are encouraged to get and stay involved. Every Sunday we host a kids club to learn the skills of the sport, its at 10am in the Marbella Rugby Club and its totally free! There is always a place for anyone in a GAA club, so even if you don’t play much sport, the club hosts numerous social events, both in and outside the pub 😛 , and travels to games throughout Spain, Europe and Ireland over the course of a year and always needs help making the administrative decisions and arrangements to make it all a success so all help is appreciated.

Win €50 Every month with Costa Gaels

Which bring us to how you or your business can help support the club. If you wish to help you can visit this page and signup for the Costa Gaels Club Draw.

For only €5 a month you will get publicity, plenty of karma and the chance to win at least €50 every month! It takes two minutes to signup, so, since it’s Christmas, and to show your not a Scrooge, click the link and fill in your details!