The benefits of ongoing IT support

The benefits of ongoing IT support

A business needs a strong online presence to promote itself, support its customers, allow people to access information about its products and services and build trust and credibility. A good website gets you more customers and is an essential marketing and customer support tool. This means it needs to work at all times, load quickly and do what your customers need it to do 24/7 and 365 days a year.

No problem, right? Just build it and forget about it and it will just keep working, right? Wrong!

A business who has a website, should also have ongoing IT support to keep that website working well and make sure there are no nasty surprises.

We mentioned in a previous article, that websites need updating and this needs to happen regularly. When updates come in on a WordPress template, failing to update it can cause security issues. However, running updates can also cause problems in themselves, so you need someone with a high level of IT knowledge, skills and experience to make sure they can solve any issues before your customers are impacted.

But it’s not just the updates you need to worry about, what about security? Are you sure that your website is as protected as it can be against hackers? You should have someone monitoring the security plugins and keeping them up-to-date, as well backing up your information so you’re protected and can be quickly back online just as before if a security breach does happen.

Another job for an IT professional is monitoring the uptime of your website and ensuring that the servers are functioning well and that the site isn’t experiencing issues. They should be checking that the site loads quickly, and making tweaks to improve loading speed if it’s too slow.

Last but by no means least, you want access to professional IT support so that you can edit text and images, add content and fix any issues or problems which are identified. Your website should be constantly evolving and updated with regular, quality content. This is good for your customers and search engines love it, so your ranking will improve as a result. So, you need someone with the knowledge and skills to add content, modify designs or pages and deal with any issues which might come up as a result of the changes.

How JUCRA’s WordPress Website Care Plans can help you?

Our website care plans for WordPress have been designed to help busy business owners who have a WordPress website to have the peace of mind to know that their website is being taken care of. They also offer the support and expertise of experienced IT professionals, so you and your team can concentrate on your customers.

Our clients love the fact that they can leave it all to us and have the backup they need if and when something goes wrong, or simply when changes need to be made. They include hosting and one of the most powerful server security systems out there to keep your site safe. They also include as standard; updates to the site and plugins, security and performance scanning, daily backups and more.

We offer three packages tailored to suit different types of websites and also site owners with different levels of IT skills and time. Our Standard package is suitable for those people who are comfortable handling their own updates, our Premium package offers webmaster assistance each month for updates and then the Elite package is designed for e-commerce sites who need more support with updating content and information as well as IT support with WooCommerce for example.

The two more advanced options also include free hack repair and fixing broken links, and our Elite package also offers a monthly coaching call.

Find out more about our website care plans on our website, or contact us for more information to discuss which option would be best for you.