The Leads Quality Triangle

by | 18 Jan, 2019 | How To, Infographics, Online Marketing

You need leads right? Should you go for cheap quality leads, the more expensive quality leads or a lot of cheap leads? As in life you can't have everything so you can only realistically choose one combination.

Business owners in need of generating leads face a common dilemma when pursuing marketing efforts to get new business. They want their marketing budget to stretch as far as possible and give them the best ROI (Return on Investment) or in other words the “best bang for their buck”.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this way of thinking, unless the business owner is prepared and knows in advance that he cannot reasonably expect to get anything without some work, whether that’s in the form of labour or money, then they might be in for some disappointment.

The infographic below touches on the three main scenarios in which leads can be generated.


NOTE: There is no right or wrong scenario and the above scenarios are not in any order of preference and each business owner will choose the right one for their business model.

Let’s take a look at each scenario a little more in depth


This is the holy grail for businesses, get cheap, quality leads, however this does come with some risks in the fact that in order to get cheap quality leads some luck might be involved, on the other hand you may have put in a lot of investment prior to launching a campaign which yields fruitful results which can translate to QUALITY + QUANTITY scenario when all is said and done.

BOTTOM LINE: Can be profitable if successful but hard to achieve.


Expect to pay extra for your leads if you want them to be high quality. High quality can mean different things to different people though but in general the higher quality the lead the less work you will have to do to close them. These types of leads are relevant to your product and have a sincere interest in the product or service you are offering.

BOTTOM LINE: You will pay more for leads but will spend less time working them. 


With this combination you can expect to put in more time sifting through leads to find the quality ones, so whilst the leads may be cheap, you will inevitably add cost to your business by spending the time working them. For example you might run a contest for an ipad and build a list of leads up, but unless you are selling electronic goods, then majority of the leads may not be relevant to your product or service.

BOTTOM LINE: You will pay less for leads but spend more time working through them. 

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