Translating DIVI Theme Builder Header with WPML

by | 6 Nov, 2020 | How To

One of the issues you may encounter with DIVI and WPML is that you cant get the global header created inside of Divi Theme Builder hooked in and translated with WPML, no matter what you try, the English version is served up in all language versions of your site.

This article will assume:

1. That you are using WPML
2. Using DIVI Theme
3. Built a Global Header using Divi Theme Builder

NOTE: It’s important to note that after you follow this procedure, you should AVOID editing the global header inside of DIVI Theme Builder anymore as the design of the headers, once translated will be within WPML.

Step 1 – Name Your Header

1. Go into Divi > Theme Builder and open your global header.

2. Once opened, click on the settings

3. In the Header Layout settings, give your header a memorable name so that you can easily recognise it.

Step 2 – Open WPML

1. Open WPML > Translation Management > Translation Dashboard select Header Layout fro the first drop down in the search.

2. Now you will see the header you named in the Divi Theme builder. SO click on edit button to jump to the editor.

3. This is the magical bit. In the right side, you will see the language section and the languages you want to translate to. Click on the + sign next to the language you want to create a translation for.

4. You will then jump to the WPML translation interface for you to input your translations. So translate everything and click the save and close button in the bottom right.

5. Voila! Now when you load the language version, in our case, French, we will see the new header all translated.

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