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Less hassle and peace of mind whilst we take of your WordPress website. No need to tell us what you need updating, we will proactively perform maintenance tasks in the background PLUS we include 2 hours per month of custom webmaster time for the special things you need doing.
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What is a Managed WordPress Support Contract?

For most businesses, their online presence is usually the first point of contact for their clients, so making sure that your site is updated with fresh content, bug free and accessible is one of prime importance.

For example, software like WordPress do require regular maintenance whether its updating the core software, adding blog posts, security issues and when you need advice or help with something on your website, then you need someone who knows what they are doing and to guide you.

Sure, like plumbing, you can probably figure it out yourself eventually after spending hours of researching online and reading books, but why waste your own valuable time when we can do it for you on request.

Three great reasons to use a managed wordpress support contract

Less hassle for you, you do what YOU do best and let us take care of the tech

Your job is to do what you do best, not stress about making changes to your web sites.

We offer you peace of mind knowing we are there for you at the end of the line

We are literally an email or whatsapp message away away and ready to spring into action. So anything needs done, know we will be there.

We are dedicated wordpress professionals and love wordpress

We have been working with wordpress from day dot and host, built and maintain thousands of wordpress sites. You are in good hands.

So, what’s included in our managed WordPress support contract?

We provide a PROACTIVE and managed WordPress maintenance service so we do not wait for you to ask us to update stuff, we do it on your behalf in the background. Below are just some of the things we do for you in the managed wordpress support contract.

  • Expedited response times
  • 2 hrs webmaster support**
  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Adding of content
  • Daily Offsite backups
  • Security and hack repair
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Site speed monitoring
  • Code help
  • Outage help
  • Webmaster help
  • Speed optimisation help
  • Access to Premium plugins
  • Weekly reports

**What sort of things can I ask for in the 2 custom hours per month?

  • Sort out google analytics
  • Fix alignment issues
  • Add new content to the site
  • Speed optimisation
  • Resizing images
  • Liaise with PPC providers
  • Add products to the site
  • Create photo galleries
  • Speak to hosting providers
  • Add new pages
  • Send a email campaign

Packages and rates for managed WordPress support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Managed WordPress Service?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a proactive, managed wordpress support service for you and on top of that we include 2 hours per month of custom webmaster support.

The important word here is that we are PROACTIVE not reactive.

Most other companies that offer cheaper wordpress maintenance services will offer a “reactive” service which involves you telling them what you need done. Reactive services are pointless for the average busy business person who does not have the time to manage their own wordpress site.

Do you provide a service level agreement?

Yes. We will provide a written agreement in PDF format which details whats expected of us and whats expected of you.

The agreement contain:

  • Payment terms
  • Service Level
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Webmaster tasks
  • Work orders
  • Phone support
  • Meetings
  • Access to hosting
  • Ownership of works
  • Trade secret
  • Cancellation
  • Complaints



How many sites can I have under my subscription?
The price listed on this page is for one website. This price is for standalone wordpress web sites or normal web sites, not wordpress multi site or sites with woocommerce. If you have a wordpress multi site, please contact us for a quote.
Is the subscription monthly?
You will be billed on the first calendar day of each month by credit card and the contract is renewed automatically each month until cancelled.
Do you charge a setup fee?

When we set up your account there are a few steps in order to get everything configured properly.

During setup we will:

  • Get WordPress login details
  • Get hosting account details
  • Test all logins
  • Add your site to our maintenenace system
  • Configure weekly reporting
  • Get linked up to Google Analytics
  • Get linked up to Google Search Cosole
  • Run through the initial updates and check for issues

So as you can see, when we first get you onboard, there is some setup involved hence a minimal  setup fee when we first activate your account. 

Which premium plugins do I have access to?

When you engage in a managed WordPress support contract with JUCRA Digital you will be granted access to the following premium plugins using our license keys:

  • DIVI
  • Gravity Forms
  • Gravity PDF
  • WPML
  • Advanced Admin Columns
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Updraft

Usually some of these licenses attract a hefty monthly/annual fee so as you can see being a managed WordPress client you will save money.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a standard 30 day cancellation period. All billings for the managed wordpress product are from the 1st calendar day of the each month, so if say you cancel on the 15th of January, then  on February 1st your subscription will be due and your contract runs through to the end of February after which its cancelled.

Do you provide me with any reporting?

Every monday morning we will email you a PDF with all the updates we have made for the previous week.

This report will detail:

  • WordPress core updates*
  • Plugin updates*
  • Google Page Speed analysis
  • Google Analytics overview
  • Google Search Console issues
  • Broken Links analysis
  • Backups completed

*We will display to you which versions we updated from and to so that in the event of any issues we can determine which version is causing such issues.

On request we can provide a report showing the historical maintenance tasks performed on your site for certain period of time if you need it.

In terms of custom webmaster requests, you can login anytime to your billing panel and review the tickets with custom requests.

Do you support WordPress sites with Woocommerce plugin?

Woocommerce, whilst an excellent plugin, requires a little extra maintenance and care so we charge an additional €100 per month for sites with woocommerce.

However, we include 4 hours of custom webmaster support in the additional fee to make it fair.

Do you support WordPress sites hosted on Windows?

WordPress is particularly suited to the Unix operating system and whilst Windows does support WordPress it provides some restrictions in terms of how WordPress operates. Many of the libraries that unix natively supports, Windows does not so if a plugin requires say the GD library which is an image processing library, then that plugin wont work onWindows.

Contact us first to determine if we can support your WordPress site on Windows.

If my site gets hacked, am I covered?

Yes. We will perform regular scanning of your site to prevent a hack occurring but in the event your site does actually get hacked, then we will fix the issue and if it reoccurs we will keep fixing it until it’s resolved.

Note: Many cheaper hosts do not provide any server side protection for your web applications such as WordPress and expect you to use bloaty security plugins. JUCRA Digital provides hosting which includes server side protection in the form of  Cloud Linux OS and Imunify360 so if you need a host with a good security level, then please consider using us.

Whats the difference between Regular Maintenance and Webmaster Support?

Included in our support contract we offer two types of maintenance bundled in the packages.

1. Regular Maintenance
2. Webmaster Support

Regular Maintenance would include things such as: updating plugins, updating wordpress core, fixing any hack issues, doing backups, monitoring site speed etc. This type of maintenance is performed without any intervention from you. On average per month we will spend an unmonitored amount of time, usually this is about 3 hours per month performing these regular maintenance tasks.

Webmaster Support would include custom requests from you such as: adding google anaytics, adding a page to your site, liasing with thrid party providers, editing photos etc. Webmaster support is limited to 2 hours per month.

Where do you store my backups and how many backups do you do?

If your host allows it, we will perform daily, nightly backups in the early hours of the morning when your server is quietest. These backups are stored in our off site 30TB backup array in Germany which is specifically for backups. We will keep at least 14 days backup for you.

NOTE: If you are hosted with us, we provide a serious backup plan with backups going back 12 months.

How do I ask for webmaster support for custom requests?

Simply send an email to with your custon request and we will execute the job.

What if I need more than 2 hours of custom webmaster support?

Not a problem. If you are on  our managed WordPress maintenance contract we will provide a quote for you with a discounted price on our additional hours. Simply raise a ticket with us and we will get a quote out to you right away with preferential prices.

If I phone you, is this counted in the custom webmaster support?

Usually we don’t count phone time or whatsapp time, but for tracking, efficiency and clarity we recomend email correspondence, so if you do phone us and keep us hung up on the phone for 20 minutes at a time, then probably, we will count that as custom webmaster support time which gets dedcuted from your 2 hours budget.

Email is by far the best communication medium however we do understand that “sometimes” it’s not possible to relay things in writing.

NOTE: If you do phone us with a  custom request, then we will ask you to submit the request in writing via email.

Do the webmaster support hours roll over if unused?

We will already spend appx 3 hours per month on your site doing the regular maintenance so our package already offers excellent value so no, the webmaster hours do not roll over or accumulate, they get reset on the 1st calendar day of each month.

Do you offer out of hours support?

Generally, our managed WordPress maintenance is done during normal business hours however as part of the plan we do monitor your site 24/7 so in the event of an issue with your hosting which involves any downtime, then we will be on hand to look into it.

Where is your maintenance team based?

Unlike most companies that farm out all your wordpress maintenace to low cost off shore companies such as India or Bangledesh, all your managed WordPress maintenance is performed and overseen by our British/Irish team based in Marbella, Spain. This allows quality control over the updates performed and accountability.

Does my site have to be hosted with you?

Not at all. We have clients that are hosted with 1and1, Siteground, Bluehost, Godaddy etc.

The only thing we do notice is that many cheaper hosts do place resrictons on how backups are made and will limit resources on accounts which can have a negative side effect during maintenance. 

If we encounter any such restrictions we will inform you.

Note: We do provide a very a high level hosting service so if you have doubts about your host and would like to host with us, then we can provide hosting with a discount code.

Can I pause the contract?

Due to the complexity of setup and the its preferable to cancel the contract by giving 30 days notice and then when you are ready, just come back.

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