One Time Job

Don’t have ongoing support needs? No maintenance contract? Need something solved immediately?

What is a One Time Job?

If you need something that takes appx 60 minutes or less to research/solve, then a  one time job is the perfect medium for you.  We will charge a one off fee to do whatever needs to be done as long as it does not take more than 60 minutes. In the case the item is not fixable or requires additional time we will inform you once we have addressed the issue.

Here is some examples of one time jobs

  • Troubleshoot errors
  • Review website speed
  • Upgrading plugins
  • Fixing theme clashes
  • CSS Changes
  • Fixing issues with sidebars
  • Installation of tracking codes
  • Upload a blog post
  • Change an image
  • Change a main menu item
  • Insert a facebook pixel
  • Code help
  • Outage help
  • Webmaster help
  • Backup a database
  • Backup a web site

Rates for one time jobs

* Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted exclude VAT at 21%.
1. We usually respond quickly to any request but in case or workload you are guaranteed to have your issue seen same day.
2.  If you place a standard order after 5pm, the order will be moved to the next working day.
3. We basically drop whatever we are doing to have a look at your issue.
4. If you place an emergency order after 12am it will get attended to the next day at 9am.
5.  On weekends we will respond in a reasonable amount of time but there might be a small delay, we are only human.
6.  Depending on the severity of the emergency and availability, like weekends we will respond within a reasonable amount of time


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