One to One WordPress Training

Your personal WordPress tutor will teach you how WordPress works, how to update your site with one to one tuition in person or remotely. We specialise in DIVI builder so if you have the DIVI theme or child theme then we can speed things along for you.
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WordPress is the most popular, open-source, Content Management System on the market ever. WordPress has a global market share of over 30% and growing in the CMS market.

Doing some WordPress training will give you the edge when it comes to running a business and publishing online and best of all you will save some money.

Introducing DIVI WordPress Training

DIVI is one of the most popular visual builder tools available for WordPress.

It allows non-technical users the ability to edit their website with some ease through an online interface, providing drag and drop features.

Who is our one to one WordPress training for?

  • If you have your own self hosted WordPress website on your own domain name
  • You are working for a company and been asked to keep the website maintained.
  • You want to learn how to update content yourself


We can provide two types of one to one training.

  1. In-person WordPress training – Your tutor will sit down with you at your home or office
  2. Remote WordPress training – You tutor will do the training over videoconference and screen sharing

Why One to one WordPress Training

  • You learn a valuable skill
  • You don’t need to wait around for your webmaster
  • You can save money in the long run

Prices for One to One WordPress training

Choose between online remote training or one to one training for anywhere between Malaga to Sotogrande.

Prices below include IVA.



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What will I learn in my one to one lesson?

The tutors job is not to make a web designer out of you but to show you how to navigate through wordpress and update pages and keep your website healthy.

Some of the things our tutor will show you:

– how to edit the text on a page
– how to upload and add a photo to a page
– how to create new pages
– how to make a backup of your site
– how to install/delete/update plugins
– how to update themes
– how to update the wordpress core
– how to create a contact form and configure notifications
– how to add new plugins to your site
– how to install stripe
– anything else within the tutors abilities

The above is not an extensive list, however the list below would be what they would specifically be able to cover.

What our tutor WILL SPECIFICALLY NOT show you as these are specialists services:

– WordPress SEO
– Online marketing
– Lead Generation
– WordPress Programming or development
– How to install wordpress
– How to install wordpress themes

Is a one hour lesson enough?
It depends on what you want to learn. You can’t learn everything in one hour so recommend that you discuss with the tutor in advance what your goals are. If they feel a one hour lesson will be enough then book one hour otherwise book more time.
Am I too old to learn wordpress?
Not at all. Anyone can learn wordpress. In general, wordpress, for general use, does not require in depth technical knowledge and with themes such as DIVI which provide a drag and drop interface managing your site can realistically be done by anyone but some “know how” is needed, hence tuition.
What geographical areas do you cover for the one to one training?

Our tutor is based in Marbella, so can visit clients between Malaga to Gibraltar. However, depending on your location, different rates may apply. If you are outside the predefined area, then please consider the remote training.

My WordPress website is not made with DIVI
In general, most wordpress functions are the same and wordpress provides a flexibility which allows differing functionality however DIVI is our preferred visual builder theme so if your site is not made with DIVI then don’t fret, our tutor can work their way through your wordpress system, however, they might need some additional time to understand what you have. When you sign up, our tutor will ask you for logins to your wordpress in advance so they can see what you have. During your lesson time, you will see first hand whats involved.
For personal visits, will the tutor train me on my own computer?
Wordpress can be used with a modern web browser, so as long as you have a modern computer which provides a speedy experience, then yes, our tutor can provide the lesson on your computer. They will bring with them a professional laptop.

NOTE. We recommended for remote training that you have a reliable internet connection.

Can we do the lessons in a cafe or public place?
Yes, as long as the public area is without distractions and not too noisy. Whilst the lesson is not overly technical, it does require a modicum of concentration on both parts.
I need to reschedule my lesson.

As long as you provide more than 24 hours notice then the lesson can be rescheduled, otherwise the lesson is cancelled and no refund given. Please speak to the tutor at time of cancellation.

I have booked an appointment but cannot make it
As long as you cancel with 48 hours notice then you will not be subject to any cancellation. Please speak to the tutor at the time of cancellation



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When do I pay the tuition fees?
You will pay the tuition fees in advance at the time of booking the appointment. Appointments are not confirmed unless paid in advance.
Can I pay the tuition fees at the time of the appointment, say in cash?
All tuition needs to be paid at the time of booking. Discuss cash payments with the tutor at time of booking.
Who collects my tuition fees?

The tutor will issue you an invoice at the time of booking and you will pay the tutor directly.

What is the refund policy?
There is no refund policy in the event of cancellation by the client. In the case the tutor needs to cancel the appointment for any reason the client will be given the option to reschedule the lesson or be refunded in full.
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