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We offer a variety of flexible webmaster solutions for one off changes with a fixed fee or bulk changes with a prepaid retainer or an ongoing proactive maintenance contract for WordPress and Woocommerce. Our skilled team of professional webmasters specialising in WordPress are available to you.
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One Time Jobs

If you need something that takes less than 60 minutes or less to research/solve, then a  one time job is the perfect medium for you.  We will charge a one off fee to do whatever needs to be done as long as it does not take more than 60 minutes. 

Prepaid Bulk Hours

If you need ongoing consulting, project management or regular maintenance on your web site, newsletters, graphic design or handle general technical queries on your behalf then you should consider purchasing bulk hours in advance.

Website Care Plans

Less hassle and peace of mind whilst we take of your WordPress website. No need to tell us what you need updating, we will proactively perform maintenance tasks in the background PLUS we include 4 hours per month of custom webmaster time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you choose by reviewing our frequently asked questions below.

Which package is best for me?

One Time Jobs
Ideal for someone who has a one off job which would take less than 60 minutes. This could be some text changes for example or uploading some images, creating a blog post, troubleshooting an issue.

Prepaid Retainer
Ideal if you have many jobs needed doing over a course of time. You buy a block of hours in advance at a reduced rate and we work off the hours and perform work for you as and when you need them.

Website Care Plans
Perfect if you have a wordpress website and need hands off maintenance and continued updates. It’s like having an in-house webmaster but without the salary.

I need a more bespoke solution. What else can you do?

No problems! We provide a wide range of digital services. Just drop an email to hello@jucra.com or schedule a call with us at www.jucra.com/call/ and we will be happy to disucss your project.