Website Redesign Case Study – Property Management

by | 29 Oct, 2019 | Case Studies

The Challenge

Suncoaster Home Care had a wordpress website designed with Genesis framework a few years ago and maintenance of the site was difficult as the previous developer had coded in various custom features and no documentation or code commenting available.

Updating the wordpress core would cause theme conflicts and break the site so the web site was running with older version of wordpress which provides it own issues with security and performance. The design of the site was also a bit outdated and needed bringing up to date because on some mobile devices the site would look horrible providing a poor user experience.

The Solution

We redesigned the site from the ground up with DIVI framework to allow easy editing of content and consistent conflict free updating of wordpress core. We manually imported all the 36+ pages from the old site and laid everything out in DIVI blocks.

We redesigned the home page to provide a better user experience and offer calls to actions to specific hooks to draw in leads.

The Result

The new website has a fresh and modern look and performs great on all mobile platforms providing a better user experience. The site loads faster with reduction of bloated code.