What is cPanel and why you need it for your business

What is cPanel and why you need it for your business

cPanel was founded in 1997 and celebrated its 20th birthday in 2017. Over this impressive timeframe, cPanel has grown in size and reputation and is now considered to provide the most reliable and intuitive server and site management platform out there.

As the name suggests, cPanel is a control panel which you access online in order to easily manage and run your website. It offers a user-friendly dashboard which includes all the tools you need to make the most of online marketing, capture customer data and sell via your website.

Its key strength is that it offers maximum control and flexibility and a huge range of tools to allow businesses to grow and scale online. It is great for small to medium sized businesses, as well as developers, IT specialists and digital agencies, as its comprehensive platform has all the tools needed to be doing business online quickly and easily.

Now it does still require some IT knowledge, so this isn’t something that total beginners would want to be getting involved with, however it removes the need for coding and makes the whole thing more understandable for someone who is relatively tech-savvy, but is not a system admin.

What can you do with cPanel?

From the cPanel graphical user interface (GUI) you can do a huge number of things, depending on the complexity of your website and what you want to handle online. For example, you can use it to organize your website files through something called Web Disk, which allows you to easily see, manage, upload and download web files.  You can also install WordPress and a whole host of apps and plugins, manage backups with their Backup Wizard and quickly put up a holding page with your contact details while your website is being built.

Another useful part of cPanel is that it allows you to create and manage emails for your business. This makes it really simple to track the success of campaigns with dedicated email addresses, or set up new staff members with email addresses, create autoresponders and much, much more.

The system has been designed to bring everything together in one place and make it as easy as possible to use them. An example of this is their Softaculous App Installer, which enables one-click installation of things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or phpBB. If you’re trying to sell products through your website, you can use this to add shopping carts as well and it’s a great way to integrate your social media networks into the site too.

cPanel also helps with site maintenance thanks to some automated processes such as scanning your server and rebooting if it finds anything isn’t working. You can also schedule certain tasks such as backups and updates through cPanel to make sure everything is up-to-date, secure and that your information in backed-up correctly.

Why do we use cPanel as part of our hosting services?

We use cPanel as part of our managed hosting services, as we believe it offers the best option to create and maintain your website. It has many useful resources, providing the best usability and features to create and run a great website, customised to your business.

Our customers really appreciate the site builders, powerful email and calendar capabilities and spam protection. You can design custom databases within cPanel and securely back-up and transfer web files. The user-friendly dashboard makes it really easy to manage lots of elements of your web hosting. It’s compatible with many different browsers and third-party applications as well.

We’ve investigated a lot of options and feel that cPanel delivers the best service for the majority of our customers’ websites.

cPanel and JUCRA

We understand that when you’re running a business, your time literally is money, and you shouldn’t be tied up with your website, when your time is better spent elsewhere. While cPanel is user-friendly, there’s still plenty to learn and do, such as setting up an ftp site, creating databases, doing updates etc. Our clients want to leave that to the experts and know they can focus on other aspects of their business, knowing that the website is in very safe hands.

JUCRA’s Managed cPanel hosting includes loads of premium features, including expert support, so you can be assured that we’re there to help if any issues arise. We also have enterprise level security, including managing the Imunify360 Firewall for you and making sure that everything is up to date, we provide SSL certificates and scan daily for viruses, exploits and malware, quarantining and removing anything detected free of charge. Our performance features mean that your website will run really fast and minimise memory and CPU use. Last but by no means least we have rock solid backups in place including daily and monthly full backups and the ability to restore your site fully or partially if you need it.

cPanel and JUCRA’s hosting and expertise are a match made in heaven and we offer a number of different packages, to make sure you get the support you need without paying more than you need to. Depending on how much storage you need and what level of CPU access you require, you can select one of our six web hosting packages. These are:

  • Bronze package (1GB RAM / 1GB SSD)
  • Silver package (4GB RAM / 2.5GB SSD)
  • Gold package (8GB RAM / 5GB SSD)
  • Diamond package (16GB RAM / 15GB SSD)
  • Platinum package (32GB RRAM / 25GB SSD)
  • Californium package (64GB RRAM / 50GB SSD)

Our managed cPanel web hosting services start from just €12 per month and we won’t lock you into long term contracts. You can cancel at any time, choose monthly, bi-annual or annual packs and there’s no setup fees.


JUCRA has been managing hosting since 1999, specialising in cPanel, so we really know our stuff. We are also digital marketing experts, so we understand what you need your website to deliver for your business to grow and sell online. The skills we have in web design, web hosting and hosted email services, all come together to provide you a trusted partner that can take care of everything. Together we can make your website really work for your business!

Please contact us to discuss your web hosting needs by filling out our contact form or scheduling a call. We look forward to helping you.