What is a snag list?

You are reading this article because you would like to know what a snag list is in relation to completing a web site.

The snag list is part of our web design process whereby, when we need the client to revise the web site we request a snag list of items that need changing.

In order for the snag list process to go smoothly, we need the snag list in a certain format.

The better formatted the snag list, the quicker we can get things done.

Here are the requirements of a snag list:

1. Needs to be in MS Word format.
2. The file name should be called yourdomainname-snag-list-1.docx
3. Needs to be in numbered bullet point format.
4. Each bullet point needs to contain the name fo the page and a link to the page so that we can click and jump straight to the page
5. Each bullet point needs to be specific about what needs to be changed

Below is an great example of a snag list.

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