How to Change Contact Details on a Domain

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If you would like to change the contact details for your domain name simply follow the procedure below.

Before you start making changes to domain name details, please read about someĀ risks of changing domain name details.

Our system allows the editing of Registrant, Administrative and Technical details and is linked to the registry system directly so any changes are made within a few seconds.

Change the Administrative and Tech Details at your own risk. As default, we are the admin and tech contact but if you remove our details and replace with someone else's details, we will not be held responsible for any losses related to the domain name.

We therefore recommend that you only update the Registrant details and leave the Administrative and Technical Details alone.

Please follow these instructions on how to change the contact details for your domain

1. Login to the client centreĀ here
2. Once logged in, click on "My Domains" link
3. In the list of domains, click on the edit icon on the domain you wish to edit
4. Click on the "Contact Information" button
5. Make your changes and click "Save Changes"
6. Your contact details at the registrar will now be updated.

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