Photo snag list format

You are reading this because we have asked you to send us references to stock photos.

Its not legal to simply grab an image from the web and put it on your website without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Therefore we use a licensed stock photography site called which provides affordable yet high quality stock images.

This tutorial provides you with the template on how to provide us with the right information so that we can quickly and efficiently swap out any watermarked images with the proper licensed one.

The better formatted the list of images, the quicker we can get the job done.

Here are the requirements for sending us the photo references.

1. Needs to be in MS WORD format
2. The file name needs to be yourdomainname-photos.docx
3. The list should be in numbered bullet format
4. Each bullet point needs to:
     a. contain the name of  the page on your web site and a link to the page so that we can click and jump straight to the page.
     b. a quick description of the image that needs changing so we know which one to change.
     c. the reference number of the photo on so that we can search and find the ref.

Below is a great example of a stock photo request list



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