I want to send bulk emails to my newsletter list

You are reading this kb article because you have a list of email addresses that you wish to send an email to and the requirements of the mailing list fall outside the realms of our "Acceptable Usage Policy".

Note, the Acceptable Use Policy is in place FOR YOUR PROTECTION, if everyone was allowed to send their mass emails via our servers you would all be blacklisted very quickly and have difficulty sending regular emails. Most reputable hosts will have limits in place in order to provide a reliable email service.

So, you have built up the email list over time and as far as you are concerned this is a legitimate list of people who do want to receive your information however our AUP prevents you from doing so. 

Usually, with your old hosts, you just send out the email via CC or BCC and the emails get delivered. Up until June 1st 2009, we also turned a blind eye to those types of mailings but since then we have had to introduce a strict policy on the distribution of mass emails due to the increased risk of being blacklisted by various online email blacklists.

It should be explained that firstly, the AUP is in place to prevent your main email address being blacklisted on the internet because once your domain is blacklisted, it is difficult + time consuming + costly to get un blacklisted.

Secondly, what you think is a legitimate mailing list is not considered legitimate by the blacklists not to mention the data protection laws and spams laws which are different from country to country. It only takes two spam complaints from someone to place you on a blacklist so if you don't have a 100% opt in list, sending bulk mail via your main email account can cause you a lot of problems, hence why we do not allow it.

So what is the solution?
Well, there are a couple of suggestions depending on the bulk of your mail:

I want to send < 25,000 emails per month.
Use a reputable optin system such mailchimp.com  to deliver your emails. Mail Chimp offers FREE accounts if your list is below 2,000 subscribers. We highly recommend mailchimp because not only will you be sending permission based email, users can also very easily opt out and you will more than likely be covered in the event of a legal dispute as companies such as these hold certain geographical and demographic data on the subscribers.

I want to send > 25,000 emails per month/day.
If you are sending more than 25k of emails then you should consider a company that specialises in "smtp relays". 

I need to send transactional emails to my customers

Please also refer to the following provider who are specialists in transactional and email marketing smtp relays.


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