Email Reputation

You are reading this article because you have been blocked from sending due to delivering promotional type emails through your business account

Our system utilizes a reputation-based system based on the trust relationship between the mailbox and the IP sending the message. Using historical login behavior as well as sending history, we will automatically classify trusted IP's for specific mailboxes. Depending on the trust level of an IP and Spam classification, we will allow various levels of daily sending limits. If messages are marked as spam, they are susceptible to lower restrictions. We advise reviewing our best practices at for more information on recommended sending habits.

Our system takes action on mailboxes that send the following types of email: bulk, automated, transactional, promotional, marketing, alerts, and invoices since we do not offer bulk email services. We recommend you use a reputable bulk email service such as Mailgun, Sendgrid or Sendicate to send these types of messages. This will ensure your emails are sent out safely and you do not end up getting blocked. Reputable mailing companies provide software and services to ensure your bulk email is delivered in a manner that mail providers will accept as good mail.

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