SSH Public Keys For Accessing Clients Servers

You are reading this article because you want to give us access to your server and need our public SSH key.

When connecting to your server, in the interest of security, we will always connect with SSK keys.

JUCRA Digital support team will only connect to your server from the following IP addresses:

Please do not forget to add our IP addresses to the "allow list" on the server firewall (CPHulk, Fail2Ban, CSF/iptables, etc.).

For passwordless authentication and in order to prevent the need in sharing the root password over the Internet, you can enable the key-based authentication.

For that, you'll need to place our public key in the following file on your server: /root/.ssh/authorized_keys.

---------- PUBLIC KEY BEGINNING ---------- PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS LINE ----------

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAyrBI3juCSNrEziRuJYWlZ3tFT/nkeq1P4f8wypvYa7YgE3nhlv28zVs2sjZiuao+60RCUOcrVRW0v249T61rLrQwLbs2hE7k4rXeQvAP24uVZ1ziOQea+bpFcp516yf5cUGXMRGIoUI+wKHj41vlg2Kl88jWTHdJfNZ6IUHC1Qh1WHF4Gj8NK8rdA8EJEg0ovuKzYigN7VWcIRyMIHDpFUGUNsXDHhfoc2wYkT6at9DYu22+CRLa4s+d1wlM6dPa2aDRZMfXgD2b4p8QqkMer3zzkBZtUCmKoZ5PAlKry59xVokmfIgRnmA7iIzZ37VwV28fP+v79qXUPBgO+4q2cw==

---------- PUBLIC KEY END ---------- PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS LINE ----------
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