Best practice for sending us website care requests

You are reading this article because you want to know how to help us when you submit your web site requests.

We work on an email ticket system basis, which means that when you send an email to the email is linked to your account, we produce a ticket number and start working on the ticket.

Then when we complete the work, we reply back on the same ticket.

Please make a note of these best practices when submitting a ticket.

1. Send all requests to

This is our inbox for all clients and support. If you send to any other email address, it may not get seen to.

2. Logical & relevant subject lines

When you send an email to us, please consider the subject line. The subject line should be short enough and descriptive enough for us to be able to understand the contents of the email, so that it stands out in the list of tickets.

If you can include your domain name in the subject line, this will be perfect!

3. One task per request, please

Use good judgment. You can send us as many tickets as you like, but it's much easily managed when there is one task per ticket, especially if the requests are complicated. If you send a ticket which contains a multitude of different issues/topics, the replies back and forth can get off topic from the original subject so can easily fall into confusion.

4. Include reference URL's

To save everyone's time, when you refer to a web page on your site, rather than saying "have a look at my contact page", it's much easier for if you include the web site URL of the contact page so that we can click on it rather than waste time digging around for it. 

5. Include screenshots where possible

A GREAT way to get a message across to us especially when its a complicated issue is to provide screenshots or video screencast. You can use to generate really great video screencasts and include a link to that video in your email, so we can click on it and view the issue on our screen. 

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