SVG Logo is not appearing in Wordpress

You are reading this article because you have managed to upload an SVG file to your Wordpress site, say a logo, and its showing a blank space.

First of all, Wordpress has a war on SVG files and by default prevents you from uploading SVG files to your WordPress.

However, there are a few plugins which allow you to safely upload SCG files to your web site.

For uploading SVG files we use a combo of two plugins and if necessary a snippet of CSS.

1. Safe SVG - filters out bad code during upload
2. SVG Support - provides support to actually display SVG files

Now, just in case you have activated the two plugins and don't see the SVG appearing, use this workaround css below to make it appear.

Drop this into your main stylesheet.

/* workaround css for forcing svg files to appear */
/* ref: */
img[src$=".svg"] { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; }

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