Switching Mail Domains (Advanced Mail Migration)

You are reading this article as you want to switch your mail domain to a new domain. 

So, you have domainA.com and you wish to switch all your accounts to domainB.com.

NOTE: We cannot simply rename domainA.com to domainB.com. We have to perform a FULL MIGRATION to get all the emails from domainA.com to domainB.com as well as set up forwarding from the old domain to the new domain, however as a courtesy, we will do the migration work free of charge, therefore the labour involved in migrating the mail comes at no charge. 

Some things to consider when making advanced mail migrations.

1. If you do not host your DNS with us, then you need to make sure that the TTL on your MX records is as low as possible (say 600 seconds).
2. During migration, you will lose access to ALL domainA.com email accounts whilst mail is being migrated however, be assured that during migration there is no loss of emails.
3. If you use WhatsApp this will be a great way for us to communicate with you during migration so you are not out of touch.
4. Ideally, a secondary email account would be useful for us to send you the welcome emails for the new accounts on our servers.
5. We convert all the email accounts on domainA.com to "Aliases" and manually apply forwarding to each account t the new account on domainB.com
6. Post-migration, if you are using IMAP, then you will have to resync your mail again. If you have a lot of mail this can take time, especially on outlook.

The migration process is best performed outside your office hours, in order to minimise disruption to your team. We will discuss with you the best time to execute the migration.

STEP 1 Add the new domain on the mail server for domainB.com  
STEP 2 Create all the new email accounts for domainB.com with a default password. When we create the accounts WE DO NOT send the welcome email as we need to sort out forwarding and/or migrations.
STEP 3 (optional) Set up email forwarding for all emails on domainA.com to point to the same email account on domainB.com We would also configure any aliases that exists.
STEP 4 Reset all the password on domainA.com so we can prepare for the migration of emails  
STEP 5 Create the migration project in migrationwiz  
STEP 6 Verify credentials for domainA.com and domainB.com Before we can execute the migration, we have to make sure that we can log in to the old and new mail accounts.
STEP 7 Perform trial migration If there is a significant amount of data in the source mailboxes, our system will grab older emails (90 days and older) and import them to the destination server. This saves a lot of time during STEP 8.
STEP 8 Perform Full migration and visual check Do a final full migration of all accounts to the new mail server. We will also make a visual check between the old and new mail server to make sure new mail is being delivered.
STEP 9 Send client the login credentials for new server Send welcome emails to the client for the new mail server so they can start checking their emails.
STEP 10 Verify DNS Check DMARCDKIM and SPF.
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