Payments in "Cash"

You are reading this article as you want to pay us in "cash" in order to avoid paying IVA.

Our strict policy on this is: We do not accept cash/black money payments. Any revenue generated by our business is declared legally to the Spanish Tax authorities. Any invoices raised, the legal VAT is added and declared.

As a marketing agency officially registered in Spain, like all businesses, we are under scrutiny from the Spanish Tax authorities, so are not willing to risk taking "cash" payments.

You will be able to pay in cash, but with 21% IVA added which means you can pay us with cash which we will deposit to our company bank account and we will issue you a proper fiscal invoice showing the source of the funds and showing the declared IVA.

An additional benefit with doing things above board is that as you are issued an official invoice, in the unlikely event of any issue or dispute with us resulting in claims, you have a legal "Bill of Sale" which details the service we provided to you. Paying in "cash" you do not have that additional protection.

Bottom line is: We would rather turn the business away than take black money payments to not only protect ourselves but also to protect you as the client.

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