Multiple Cpanel Logins For Same Account

You are reading this article because you want to have multiple Cpanel user logins for a single Cpanel hosting account.

Unfortunately, with Cpanel, you can only have one single login to access the Cpanel account, you cannot have multiple Cpanel logins for a single account.

It has been a feature request for some time to allow multiple logins for Cpanel so hopefully, it is something that is on the horizon.


If you need to give access to a developer without giving them admin access through Cpanel, it is possible to create multiple FTP/SSH accounts and give remote MySQL access to your developer giving the developer the access they need to work on your web site, however, they will be limited to FTP/SSH and MySql services only and would have no access to any admin management tools. With SSH they would have reasonable control over file management/permissions.

Requirements for FTP Access: None. You can create as much private FTP account as you like within Cpanel.

Requirements for SSH Access: Public SSH keys need to be added to Cpanel and the Cpanel username and custom port given to the developer.

Requirements for MySQL access: Fixed IP address needs to be added to the Cpanel. User needs a MySQL GUI tool like Navicat or similar. A MySQL user will need to be created for the developer.

Obviously for developers, having full admin access to Cpanel is the surefire way for smoother development and if you do go down that route, only give Cpanel access to a developer you trust. Giving limited access to your account might slow things down a little, however, will ensure that limited damage can be done in the wrong situation.

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