Charities and JUCRA Digital

JUCRA Digital has significant hosting and email resources to be able to assist registered charities with the burden of reliable web hosting and email services.

You will be:

1. A registered charity or non-profit.
2. Have an existing web site or a new website under construction.
3. Have existing/pending social media presence.

What we can offer:

1. Free web hosting for your charity website.
2. Free email accounts for your charity website.

If you have your own web designer, we will liaise with them in regards to the hosting and emails.

If you do not have a web designer, then we can provide our services with a 20% discount.

In return for the above, you will offer:

1. A positive review on our google review page*.
2. A positive review on our Facebook page*.
3. Once a month, create a shoutout post to JUCRA Digital via your social media*.
4. A link on your web site back to either in footer or credits page*. 
5. Your charity will sign up as a JUCRA affiliate and we will pay you 10% of any referrals**.

* We will provide the creative and the guidelines for each of the above.

** Here are details of our affiliate program: 

Any charity accounts are subject to a written agreement.

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