How to format dates using the google sheets CONCATENATE function

You are reading this tutorial because you are trying to join some fields and strings in google sheets using the CONCATENATE function but when it comes to dates, it's converting them to numbers instead of the dates.

In our bank reconciliation worksheets, we like to generate a link for the PL manager so they can generate a list of invoices at the end of each month.

So in our sheet, we have two fields with  "Start Date" and "End Date".

NOTE: These dates are in EU date format as in dd/mm/yyyy and in our final link we need to convert them to US style dates: yyyy-mm-dd

As you can see the Link is a combination of a URL and the two dates and for this, we are using a mixture of CONCATENATE and TEXT to get the desired result of the dates.


You can experiment with the dates too, for example, dropping in the following code would output Saturday in front of the date.


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